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Financial System

The biggest scam in the history of mankind - Who owns the Federal Reserve?
Hidden secrets of Money 4   
Mike Maloney

Published on 15 Oct 2013
Bonus Presentation here: Who owns the Federal reserve? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system .

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.


A NEW Solution.....

2015/16 WeRe Bank was formed by Peter of England
Universal Energy Transfer

Peter of England speaking about WeRe Bank

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Breaking News

as of 25th December 2012 !

Re:   OPPT: Worlds Monetary System Foreclosure Revealed

From slavery 'we the people' are stepping in to consciously claim our freedom
much has transpired! 

Listen to the Audio recorded
to hear the

for the
1st July 2013  video

 Heather Tucci-Jarraf and the I UV INchange 7.1.13

Get to know who your 'Your Strawman' is

for 2/3rd July 2013
5D Network - Collective Imagination audio

The website that holds the key to how you can claim your freedom  -

If your new to all this, listen to
A discussion Published on 3 Jan 2013
with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf with Brian from the American Kabuki ground crew and D. from Removing the Shackles Blog

The One People's Public Trust
A discussion with Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf with Brian from the American Kabuki ground crew and D. from Removing the Shackles Blog about Heather's early work as a banking fraud investigator and her introduction to the Trust and its action to accept the Gift of the UCC in trust for humanity and the Trust's foreclosure on the BIS and Federal Reserve.

OPPT: Worlds Monetary System Foreclosure Revealed

One People's Public Trust have done this for all of us on the planet!

One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
announced the foreclosureon of the world's banks and "governments" on 25th December 2012
stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system.
The OPPT posed to the worlds Banks and Governments:
1. That they had by deceptive acts  and practices been stealing from the people fore hundreds of years, and
2. nothing stood between the Creator and the Creator's creations and gave due opportunity to rebut both statements.
They could not and did not.
To understand this fully please read the Declaration of Facts at the > UCC Filings  > 2012 pt 11> Declaration of Facts

Here you can explore much more

Google: Guardian Express oppt

OPPT: When Will The Other Shoe Drop

Click on link above  to read the full article by Sam Davis. Here are sections from it :

"Here�s what we�ve learned so far:

On behalf of us, the One People, OPPT has foreclosed on all of the global �trust� accounts. These accounts properly belong to all of us in trust, simply because we�re all citizens of this planet, equally. Each global trust account (and these go by many and various names) represents vast sums of money, all of it backed by gold, silver, and treasure.

That�s a pretty chewy statement but let�s go with it, just as a thought experiment.

OPPT proposes that Ten Billion Dollars ($10,000,000,000) USD is held in trust for each individual on this planet. Well then! What kind of evidence exists that I might use to verify for myself that this story isn�t completely nutbar? Let�s return to the above-mentioned pair of items, which turn out to be very helpful in this regard.

The video, titled �Joint Release 3-36.3�, was produced at some point after Dec. 24th, 2012 by UN-SWISSINDO TELEVISION NEWS: GLOBAL WORLD, which seems to be the PR vehicle for announcements from the Soekarno Trust. So in this moment of NOW I�m transcribing the first part of an hour-long video announcing disbursements from the Trust. The payments, one after the other, are literally astronomical (see partial transcript below).

There seems little question that this money is in fact available and is being sent out to its named recipients.

And now here comes this missive, just in today (Jan. 22) from Drake via Jean Haines, which directly concerns the subject at hand:

�HUGE assets and MONEY from the imperial families are in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Specifically, China, Japan, Indonesia.�

�Financial Intel � From Drake��

Sam Davis continues "As an added bonus, here�s my partial and slightly challenged transcript of the first 15 mins. of the video, which is all I was able to handle in one go. If someone would like to improve on it, that would be swell:

Joint Release 3-36.3


Good day.

I am Director of Joint Communications [unclear]. This is Publication 3-36, authorized release unlimited. ID 452106/66/2012, Trustee, Processee, Dynasty� Swissindo Agreement Joint Release 3-36, Joint Doctrine for Multinational Operations, ID 452106/66/2012.

For keeping information on Transactions and Treaties, International Agreements.

Treaty Event: UN Swissindo Multinational, Special Extra, Thirty Trillion US Dollars, Federal Reserve Bank, to pay to Deposit Control Settlement Investment Deposit, Freedom Forever 111, in official name, ownership [unclear], authority mandate, Personal International Trustee, plus Trustee Dynasty RMSPTD, Beneficial name, Global Development

1. Payment 1: To Committee of Treaty of UN Swissindo Multinational.
Amount: Ninety-Seven Billion ($97,000,000,000) USD.
Date: November 20, 2012.

2. Payment 1: U.N. date 24 [unclear] in the House of Representatives HR 1249, Internal Protocol Number 301 of the Great President of the Kingdom of the United Nations Organization
Amount: Five Hundred Million ($500,000,000) USD ....etc  etc.  "

to continue reading the transcription click on the link below and

OPPT: When Will The Other Shoe Drop

Video of


Keep up with events on the official web site

Slotted for launch on or about 5/25/13,
once up you can get all of the information and OPPT related chat you get here.

Under Media on see various Radio Shows allrecorded
 Keep updated with events: Lisa Harrison hosting 'One Peoples Radio Show' on Mondays
With Hosts
Lisa, Chris and Bob from The Collective Imagination Show, Santos Bonacci, D. from removing the Shackles, Brian and AK from American Kabuki, Lois Tucci, Heathers mum, Heather Tucci.

OPPT Radio Show was on Freedom Reigns where you will find archives
with valuable information :

This Radio show has now become
The One People Show (TOPS).
migrated to   
TOPS premiere show
will be from 5/13/13 (US) | 5/14/13 (AU). 
Same time as before.  You can join us for that broadcast here:

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Please note: I am still in the process of writing this page so after reading please do re visit it again. Thank you.

Understanding Our 'True' Reality

Many consider getting from one place to another requires:

to know where we want to get to, and b) where we are at that moment in time, when we are doing the considering!  

However, there is a third ingredient that is all too often lacking in our assessment, which is:  c) where are we coming from!

I have found that on my journey, the more I strove to move what I thought was towards my desired destination the more I needed to attend to c) i.e. uncover the roots of  'the past'.

Once we have those three points of reference we can begin to consider our strategy,  plan our route and thus begin to have some idea of how long it may take us to arrive at our chosen desired destination. Not to approach it in this way, by using our God given intelligence, is courting failure in the fulfillment our dreams and desires.

I have found that by having a real understanding of this in a wide spectrum has helped me make profound sense of my life. All the hurdles have been there as opportunities for deeper discovery and now with greater understanding I am able to appreciate and bless them all.

Here We Are

We live in, and are of, what is known as the Unified Field, often referred to by some as the Divine Mind but it is no different to what has been called God not as a Who, but as Principal - a constant unseen magnetic substance of intelligence and available to all.  Put another way - a vibration or specific frequency that we humans experience as feelings of Love, harmony, bliss and joy among other words that express the same quality and actual calibrated frequency.

The frequency of the all powerful Divine Mind is what keeps all in our cosmos in cohesion and  unified in a state of harmony - the Mother/Father ALL THAT IS which each of us is actually connected to through our 'Individual "I AM" Presence'. (though many are not aware of their connection the this Divine Mind of Love)

Through an understanding of the simple laws of magnetism we can choose to tap into this massive Power House of the Frequency (said to be 528Hz) of Love and connect with, and be sustained by, our true real Life 'support' system.

 This process of pulling in or rather an allowing in to our heart selves this vibration, this frequency of the ALL THAT IS Divine Mind/Love results automatically, when we feel an inner dynamic peace, an inner stillness out of which all dynamic movement and action spontaneously arise. This is our natural state from  infancy through to that of a young child of around seven years old, that is when we feel the continual support of unconditional love from our parents;  i.e. a joy and appreciation of the unique us.

Personally, I feel this  is the most precious gift any parent can give to their child, for in doing so the child feels free to simple 'Be' who they are - which is the same for all of us: a Magnificent Divine soul in physical outer coating we call 'our body', in total a human-god being! The God Light within our heart is our soul which is our full 'consciousness'.

The young child is unencumbered by feelings of trying to 'be good' or  'make mommy or daddy happy', which actually results in their feeling guilty when 'something goes wrong' and/ or  'mommy or daddy' are not expressing our perception of 'happiness'! The pattern becomes imprinted at this early age of: 'parenting our parents'!

In consequence many of us grow up with a tendency to continue in this pattern and become either professional or voluntarily constant fixers! Fixing others: mental, emotions, and/or physical problems. The medical profession is huge, and spans right across the spectrum from the many orthodox avenues to the alternative or natural practitioner and therapist, to the vast army of voluntary 'helpers'.

Take a look at the individuals walking down your local high street and notice if happiness and vibrant health are the norm for most individuals over, say the calendar years of fifty or so. Is it the majority of people in that category? If not, why? Have you ever thought to ask yourself? Have you ever questioned why such a high number of people - actually Divine souls - are appearing so  un-vibrantly healthy, be it worried -un-happy, or bent - un-upright, needing to use walking sticks or wheel chairs?  Or wondered, on hearing the figures for individuals 'waiting' for hospital beds! Always the reporter is emphasizing the 'lack' of available beds!

However,  much more to the point, I believe, is to challenge ourselves to look beneath the surface. When we do so we'll discover the uncomfortable truth of the 'root', the 'cause' behind the millions upon millions of individual people who are showing signs of stress, unwellness, dis-ease, sickness and disease, to the point where it terminates the individuals life!

It is a vitally important question for anyone who truly wishes to both continuously and vibrantly live in this gift of their physical body.

It is only when each of us comprehends that we ARE, first and foremost 'Consciousness' or 'Divine soul'  and if or when our channel of energetic connection between Our-Selves and the ALL THAT IS Divine Mind or God Principal is not fully freely flowing we have cut ourselves off from our natural connection to The Power House of ALL Life- The Source of ALL that IS!

How does this happen?  If  during our early years,  our experience of trust is undermined then the feeling of simply 'Being safe in life' is automatically replaced by feelings of insecurity,  which develops into a deep need to control much in our life, which becomes a terror driven need to make sure we are physically safe etc.  We are forever looking 'outside' of ourselves to solve all problems. This is due to the fact that we are not aware of, thus not fully in-touch with and reliant on our inner connection to The Power House of ALL Life- The Source of ALL that IS!

This lack of aware connectedness, all arises during the period of our time as a fetus, of infancy, baby-hood and young child-hood due to experiencing a lack of the feeling of trust. This �feeling� of the lack of trust is replaced with �feelings� of fear, abandonment, loss, aloneness. It will find outer expression in many ways but often an experience of financial lack, or the opposite, being that of a driving ambition to become both financially wealthy and all powerful over others! 

However, when we awaken to and keep our consciousness in feelings of enjoying the now moment, of gratitude, appreciation, and un-conditional love towards everything and all others*,  we nurture and assure our continued connectedness to the  ALL THAT IS Divine Mind. This is true power - our own �personal empowerment� which is our natural core-state of Beingness.

*(which doesn�t at all mean that we have to agree or condone  some individuals or organizations actions � on the contrary we can take appropriate action to alter such a course)

This glorious and nourishing stream of �wellbeing� is a two way process. It IS both the frequency (Hz) of the ALL THAT IS Divine Mind which is also within OUR HEART CHAMBER it is recorded as having been magnified and seen as a flame with a tiny being within)! However, only through consciously maintaining these feelings of unconditional Love, harmony, bliss and joy etc. within our hearts will our life experiences continue to align or vibrationally match - irrespective of what is happening to others around us.

There is a recipe; a beautiful and simple statement which is: 'Follow your passion'! For truly when we do our outer lives will become a reflection of those same life-filled passionate feelings!

Mastering the skills of anything requires an understanding of the principal and the process, and mastering the Art of Living an ecstatically joyful, vibrantly healthy and prosperous life is indeed no different.

Consciousness of this frequency and the Law of Attraction

The fact is, that we are all attracting back to us our own thoughts and feelings all the time, every minute of our lives. Yes, really every minute!! The universal Law is known as Cause and Effect as well as the Law of Attraction. 

So, to put it very simply, the more we become aware of our feelings and understand that  these feelings (and emotions) can be quantified mathematically as frequencies (Hz)  and are as is it were 'dancing' with all of everyone else�s  frequencies within the one universe! OMG! Does that mean it is a free-for-all? No, not at all! We attract 'like' frequencies from this universal pool of frequencies that are all interacting with the frequency of the Unified Field /Divine Mind of Love! The more we can align our personal feelings with those of Love the more we will be 'in the same frequency flow' of Divine Mind of Love. If we are harboring feelings say of fear or anger then we will automatically attract these like frequencies from the universal 'pool'! Hence the saying  'It never rains but it pours!' or 'Good things come in threes!'

The quicker we come to see this vibrational play of cause and effect, and begin to notice it being played out in our lives, the sooner we realize that we can learn to adjust  the quality of our life experiences purely by adjusting our feelings (our frequency). This is a major step on becoming masters in the Art of living our life. Yes we really are creating the circumstances that show up for us in our personal life experiences. In other words, the predominant frequency that is being invisibly emitted into the Unified Field, the ALL THAT IS Divine Mind from and attracts back to us the same frequency which shows up as life experiences that carry that same frequency. If you want to change your life for the better, take a look at you predominant mental attitude and re program the belief that is creating that attitude with you.

*Below I have shown just one of the many ways you can do this which will help you take responsibility for your life.

As I just mentioned, we learn to adjust our feelings (frequency)- by re programming the old beliefs that lie at the core of those unpleasant (low vibration) feelings (that we call negative) which are unsupportive towards us achieving our desires especially our dearest desires! This is how we get to the position of holding the reins and consciously directing the quality of our life. We are the masters, and we are connected to the Power House of the ALL That IS, in other words, our authentic personal power is ever available to use for our happiness, health and wealth. However, be warned, never use it over another! If we do misuse our power it will come ricocheting back and give us a hefty whack!

Oh! Help! You may utter.
'Scary' said our son when I told him about this universal cosmic Law and its incredible power. 'Yes', I said, 'but exciting too, because it means we can create what we desire, that is, if we consciously choose to do
so. That means we need to learn how to get the better of those unruly and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. This requires us to take a good hard look at our predominant mental attitude, to educate ourselves through books, tapes and courses, maybe to enlist the help of a good mentor - someone who is already creating their consciously chosen life and we can see the happiness, health and wealth that they have manifested for themselves and are now helping others do the same.

So, you only need a little imagination to realize that it is worth taking a really good look at what you are thinking, and what you are predominantly giving your attention to. Is your attention on the things that please you, the things that you love and wish to bring more of in to your life? Or are you thoughts on those aspects of life that concern or worry you, the things that irritate you - those things that displease you or are abhorrent to you. The state of the world! The bills and the ever increasing cost of living, or maybe the state of your health or that of a loved one. What ever it may be - the Law is: what ever we give our attention to and 'focus on' will increase. So when we put our attention on what we DON'T like, on the lack of something, or the un-wellness of ourselves or that of a loved one, the more that very aspect will manifest for us!

That is not the same as seeing a situation that could be improved. What needs to be done is to imagine what is the 'more' that is desirable and then focus on and see yourself already being it or having it; not out of fear, but out of love of  bringing back balance and thus harmony to our lives.

Indeed, the more you worry, or fight what you perceive as problems, and try to push them away or resist them, the more you will actually attract the very 'state' into your life!

The secret is through a process of 'dissolving' our attitude or belief because it is that very belief that has brought the problem situation into our life!

Many just in denial, but this is not the answer either, for by suppressing an emotional feeling, remember everything is energy and in denial you are causing a counter push.

Taking time to acknowledge the 'feelings' you are experiencing, in any challenging situation, looking at them, exploring where their source is. Their origin will always be pre your first seven years, which also includes the last seven months in your mothers womb! This seven year + period is the time when all we do is absorb the quality of the energy around us from close family to societal energetic atmosphere.

In my opinion, this is the most creative and productive personal 'work' any of us can undertake because it is where we can truly cause change to happen in our life purely by accessing those early established unsupportive beliefs - that stem from those crucial first seven years - and that have the immense power to disrupt our efforts to create the life we desire to live.

Going to the source is the most positive and productive action you can take, for this way you are actually going right to the 'cause' of that outer situation with the intention of understand it. What that means is to dare to actually consciously  'feel' those feelings again, that have felt so threatening but this time you the adult are standing by you inner child in unconditional love and support.

When we do this we reduce the attractive energetic 'charge' of the emotion and thus reduce its power to create those unwanted situations! I think you will agree that is indeed valuable for it is life changing.

A great, on-line movie called The Secret  (you can watch it on-line for less than $5 or around �2. 60) - a 90 minute film that explains this Law of Attraction . You can purchase the DVD and have it to watch over and over again, it to help you absorb this vital knowledge at a deeper level.

Emotional Freedom - meaning freedom to be able to act rather than re-act.


Some essential viewing and listening is to Dr Bruce Lipton who has joined forces with Rob Williams and his Psych-K system.

Here are two great exponents who will show you information that proves you have the power to transform your life to the way you desire. Dr Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams and Psych-K

Dr Bruce Lipton Ph.D� Geneticist Biology of Perception Part 1 of 7

Let's say you are actually experiencing fear and you decide to take a real good look and explore into those fear based feelings.  Have a note pad and write down on the left hand side of the page as many words that come to mind that express different nuances of your personal experience of the fear. Emotions are very physical and so note how the feeling of fear makes you feel physically. Write all these words or phrases down. Using a Thesaurus can be a fantastic help enriching our experience immensely, What is actually happening as we do this is that you are helping the your little child of all those years ago to really understand the complexity of the feelings that you felt but did not have the vocabulary or emotional comprehension or language capability and skills to express.

What you are doing as you involve yourself in this process is using your adult compassion, and emotional language skills to assist your inner child to understand more of how he/she felt during those early years, or during a specific occasion that felt threatening and traumatic to them - and which is the actual source of the fear that became imprinted into your cellular memory all those years ago and that you are still feeling many years on down life's road and very likely drastically limiting unique potential!  

Once the words stop flowing then this is the time to go to the top of the page where you started your list down the left side and start the process of choosing an opposite word so you are 'flip flopping' the fear based negative words into their opposite positive words and you write these on the right hand side of the page opposite their negative meaning.

As you proceed with this process, observe how you feel. You will very probably notice a distinct shift of energy, with a sense of less heavy fear energy. This process is loosening the old set pattern and you are feeling that shift.

Once you have flip-flopped each negative word into its positive counterpart a word or phrase. Read through these positive words and phrases and start to create an affirmation from them. One that seems to express the essence of with what you want to re-program your unconscious. Write these affirmation ideas down and choose which ever one feels the most flowing and easy to remember.

This next step is taken from Psych-K process � created by Rob Williams, on this video you can hear him speaking about how he came about the process of what he termed Psych-K   and on this next video series is Rob Williams Speaking at the First Annual Psych-K Facilitator's Conference in Ontario, California. October 2008 and taking a volunteer through the process. You will see that the process I give below differs but in essence is doing the same thing.


Now, this next step is taken from Psych-K process - created by Rob Williams - as you sit in your chair you cross one ankle over the other and cross the opposite wrist over your other wrist, you lace your fingers together and either leave them in your lap or bring them towards your body and rest them against your chest.

Now, close your eyes and start to say your chosen affirmation quietly to yourself. As you do so observe anything that comes up such as:  images, thoughts, feelings, twinges anywhere in your body anything - all the time keep continuously repeating your affirmation.

There will be a moment when you become aware that something has radically shifted, even though it may be subtle. When you feel that shift you can open your eyes and uncross wrists and ankles.

If there is anyone around who knows how to muscle test then do that and see if you test strong while you say your affirmation or there is a way you can do a muscle test yourself.

Now you have more of your unconscious working for you rather than against you. I urge you to do this process when ever you feel negative emotions arising. Don't dump them on others, don't suppress them but take conscious action by using this most constructive and creative way.

I assure you that by going through this process you will, I guarantee you transform your life to one of being able to consciously create a life for yourself of a greater potential where your most wonderful and thrilling dreams can truly come to fruition. What a contrast to a life filled with dreaded fears and worst nightmares, all created through constantly playing an old inner program of these scenarios at the mental and emotional level!

Once you truly grasp that the energy of your beliefs is creating everything - literally through the frequency of your entire energy/frequency vibration - but especially the energy of your past painful memories still hidden in your unconscious (at a level that you have not been aware) and shows up as a physical experience that your energy has 'attracted' and that YOU have the POWER to CHANGE those beliefs! 

Each time  to do this process the underneath sense of the low frequencies of negative thought form are released and you will begin to and  increasingly become aware that you are more optimistic, more excited more adventurous, more creative, happier and healthier and just loving life more. You will continue to become increasingly free of self created restrictions!

This is when you really start coming into you power of creating what you desire! You'll find that your desires magically seem to just start showing up!

It is the great and wonderful reward you can expect after attending to you negative emotions and feelings in the way suggested above. There are other excellent ways but this has developed naturally for me and has worked! It is a powerful and effective way of reprogramming your unconscious mind and taking responsibility for Your Life.

 When we do consciously move down the path of becoming Master of our life, because we really value it as a most precious gift that we chose to come into, and really care about the quality of our experiences an added bonus is to know that we are also helping the whole planet by raising the overall vibration.

As you get into the remembrance of working this way you will find that you are increasingly sustaining the feeling of wealth, of inner security, of vibrant health, of freedom to do what ever you�re inspired to undertake. And if you do come up against a tricky situation you will know exactly how to turn it around, both quickly and gracefully.

More Energy Available to keep You Feeling Young and Youthful Looking!

Additional benefits are many, however a three of them are - you will notice you have more mental concentration and physical energy available to you and every time you clear any negative beliefs. When you take these steps you will also feel younger but also and look more youthful or maintain your youthful looks!  You will begin to notice you feel happy, relaxed, serene and calm. This is happening simply because you are removing the heavy load of negative thought/beliefs put on your organs and bodily systems.

This slowing down the aging process can actually eventually be reversed to become a process of consciously youthing yourself! This does require a consciousness shift on your part to grasp that you are first and foremost 'pure awareness' (often referred to as 'spirit') who is having an earth dimension experience and to do so you have created your physical body.

If you are really serious about increasing your energy so that, not only are you healthy but that you feel vibrantly healthy and you look vital and youthful, then take a serious look at the wellness tools available on this web site such as the RitmScenar, the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket, the Miracle Wand and Miracle Pendant, the Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks, the LiveSmart360 Tunguska elixir spray, all are well proven and will profoundly enhance your entire life. They can very effectively assist in combating the seriously high levels of pollution that virtually every living soul on the planet is being subjected to through pollution of the air, water (both sea and fresh water), food, along with electro magnet pollution due to the many electrical apparatus we use on a daily basis!

However, never underestimate the immense value of regular practice of meditation.

Meditation is profoundly effective. So also are the physical practices of yoga, Chi Gong, and Taoist exercises (among many others) which not only strengthen your physical body but also your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies bringing them into alignment.

Mental Freedom

Mental freedom means clear creative thinking which comes from the integration of left and right brain (representative of both the masculine and feminine) allowing for a balanced view point of ourselves and of life. To see the physical expression of the unseen Principal is to know all is part of the Whole - the One. That is freedom. Fixed dogma blocks us from intuitive creative thought that comes from being connected to our Power House of The ALL THAT IS. Our brain is a neurological input/output processor, however MIND is all around us, it is everywhere. When we are in a relaxed state and in harmony and thus in alignment with the frequency of Love - God - The ALL THAT IS we can access this universal MIND.

I recall reading that Einstein always kept a note book and pen or pencil by his bed, so as to be able to write down any ideas that came to him through dreams. Knowing about and understanding how to use this truly wonderful two way process available to us does two things: 1) It allows us to have our unique personal access to the immensity of information that has ever been and ever will be, and 2) it removes all sense of fear within us - because we have come to 'know' we can go direct and 'pull' into our individual 'mental field' all that we need to know or do, to solve or re-solve any questions we are searching for or problems that we don't immediately see how to rectify.

During this period of great change that humanity is presently moving through, such knowledge of how to access the Universal MIND/ God frequency/ ALL THAT IS can make a huge difference to each one of us, as to whether we live in an inner state of harmony or an inner state of disharmony, whether our predominant thoughts are based on love or predominantly based on fear. Thoughts of love open the doors to our intuition and the wonders of the unseen, whereas fear and other low vibration thoughts limit our access or even keep the doors firmly closed.

When we lift our personal vibration up through thoughts of joy, appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion, honour, integrity so our feelings will align with these very thoughts and as a consequence, con-sequence (in/with sequence) or 'cause and effect' our life experiences will be mirrored. Just as it will also be when our predominant thoughts are of a the low vibration!

Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual Freedom - meaning - freedom from our own limiting attitudes towards ourselves or towards others, as well as being free from limiting dogma of man-made beliefs, beliefs that are not following nature and natural Law. It means awakening to and owning our pure potentiality and authentic Power.

The great spiritual teachers such as Jeshua, also known as Jesus as he is now know, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Buddha among many others, have been, what we may say 'enlightened', either through study in the great wisdom schools of the past as Jesus had, he studied at the great wisdom schools of the Essen's, or through deep meditation and observation as was the case, as I understand, was the way Buddha gained enlightenment.

These great ones became filled with Light and thus able to perform what are termed as 'miracles'. But remember the quote of Jesus
saying 'Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father' John 14:12 King James Bible. He said this because he knew we were all connected to the "Father" - meaning the great Power House of The ALL THAT IS - The Divine Mind - God - Allah - Chi - Prana - Breath.

True power is not power over others, it is when we are conscious and connected to our inner authentic power, that comes from being fully conscious of 'who' we are - God-Humans!  The more we awaken to that spiritual knowledge the less we will allow others to wield their back unauthentic power over us. The time is long over due for us 'the people' the Wake up and claim our true authentic power and with it our 'inalienable rights' to

Some of you may have heard the word 'Ascension'. You may be well aware of what it means to you and also what it means to all humanity. For those individuals who either haven't heard of the word or for those who have but are some what in the dark as to what it actually means, here is a fairly brief explanation.

We are moving through extraordinary times. According to the Mayan Calendar we at the end of one twenty six plus thousand year period, referred to as the Piscean age, and are moving into the next twenty six plus thousand year period, referred to as the Aquarian Age or the Age of Enlightenment, also called the Golden Age.

This is profoundly exciting as it is a time during which we will experience total peace and unity between all humanity (no more wars!) It is also a time when there will be wealth for all, by that I mean there will be no poverty, no lack of money, no lack of good food, clean water and any of the necessary resources for living a happy healthy and awakening life!

You may find all this a bit of a challenge to believe, however I assure you the energy of the entire planet is increasing. In fact the frequency has been steadily increasing but especially so since the Harmonic Convergence in the late 1980's where there was a big awakening of consciousness.

The frequency (rate of vibration) has again been continually increasing at an exponential rate on our planet thus having a profound effect on everything, not only humanity. Mother Earth has been so drastically damaged over especially the last 200 years, be it through destroying the forests, mining and drilling, destroying and polluting on the most shocking scale. In the same way when each of us get over loaded with toxins we become sick, and the body works to rid itself of the toxins.

Well, that is what is happening on a grand scale for each one of us as well as Mother Earth. As the vibration rises we all proceed through the process of a huge cleansing. Removing toxicity at all levels -  physical, mental, and emotional so we can awaken to our full spiritual consciousness of Who we truly are - Beings of Divinity with powers to co-create our world and our desires with Source Creator, or put another way with God - God being Principal. In the beginning was the Logos which actually means 'principal' and this is where spirituality and right science authentically meet and merge into ONE. We are all of The ONE Principal.

So as you may well appreciate it is an immensely exciting period in the history of the planet for we are literally evolving into god-humans. Yes, we have some way to go but that is our destiny.  We are in what is called the 'shift' as we proceed towards the winter solstice of 2012 on the 21st December and out through the other side. So what will happen then? Nassime Haramein who has proved Einstein's the Unified Field theory expresses as being a flip through from one dimension to another - said the be the 5th dimension!

And guess what! The 5th dimension is at the frequency (level of vibration) where there is only Oneness consciousness, of Love, joy and appreciation etc. and it is as we progress to that state and then into it that we individually and collectively bring our selves and our planet back into balance where we intentionally, and consciously create a planet where love, peace, personal sovereignty, harmony, joy, trust, honesty, integrity, beauty and plenty are the inalienable right and reality for all.

Physical Freedom 

Physical Freedom - meaning - honoring our physical bodies, maintaining a high level of health  both inside and out, much of which has been addressed already on It also means honoring our personal freedom and thus living our freedom in both the spirit of the word as well as in actuality.

Understanding our sovereign rights must start in our mental realm, then into the emotional realm and finally by taking the practical steps that will move us into becoming sovereign and free-man on the land. Under Common law, which is the Law of the land, as opposed to Admiralty law, which is the law of the sea -  known as Pirates law or Commercial law. 

If you're ready to explore more into this vitally important subject then a great place to start is by reading Veronica: Chapman's (actually Veronica happens to be a male) essay of January 2010 The Fundamentals Of Life  by searching on Google you'll also find "Freedom More Than Just A Seven Letter Word" by Veronica: of the Chapman family. (Published in 2009 by Tamara House Publishers Ltd. in the UK). It can be ordered and purchased for �8.99 - worth every penny - from The Big Green Book Shop in Wood Green which is on the Piccadilly line, phone number 0208 881 6767 . I recently noticed that it can be downloading free on line! It seems to be the only book totally relevant to the United Kingdom.

Also searching on Google for "How I Clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man - a spiritual economic hand book and  remembering who you are" by Canadian Mary Elizabeth: Croft. It's also available on-line, and free to download and print out.

Both are most valuable and important reading  but if your living in the UK and have a desire to move forward in this way then I encourage you to purchase  Veronica: Chapman book as well as research the number of other leaders in this field, and both are clearly written and extremely informative books, and once started you will likely find them quite riveting and difficult to put down!

Many excellent Youtubes are also assessable through the Internet. Google search for youtube videos of Mary: Croft, Rob: Maynard, Whinstone Shrout, Vic Beck as well as quite a number of others. All are highly revealing. Give yourself time to digest the information and get over the shock!

The Present Day Situation - up to end of 2010

You might think I have gone off my tiny rocker if you are only used to looking at the national and international situation of seeming social chaos and collapse in may countries and city�s around the world, with the increasing number of job losses, mortgage foreclosures, stringent political decisions bringing most country�s to non other than Corporate police states! Let alone the people and infra structure of countries shockingly ravaged by war, past or still ongoing!

 How has all this come about? From my perspective, having undertaken a considerable amount of research over a number of years due to many questions that started when a very young woman (I was born just before the outbreak of WW2- Announced on 1st September 1939 Hitler invaded Poland but much aggression in Europe had already been under way).

War doesn't just 'happen' it is created! Wars are actually instigated and set up by those individuals as a like minded group, who have a predominant mind set, that expresses itself as a lust for power and wealth over others! I see the root of this mental attitude as being one that is the effect of extreme fear and helplessness during their early yeas of life and also being in the family and societal environment that feeds such fear and hopelessness. These are two of the key emotional elements of the psychopathic personality.

Who are these creators of war, and mayhem, and people enslavement?

To put it in a nut shell - those individuals who are in the key positions of power in finance, i.e. the international bankers, government (remember they are all corporations), religion and the church, military, and a wide variety of other corporate bodies, to name just three:  pharmaceutical, agricultural and the media including films. 

What is their intention? Remember that childhood ditty? "I'm the king of the castle - get down you dirty rascal!" These ones are still playing out their kindergarten and primary school kids games. They haven't grown up mentally or emotionally and consequently their drive to exert power over others, to be top dog has been having a devastating effect on the majority of the people on this planet for a very long time!

The idea of being in peaceful co-existence just didn't and still hasn't occurred to them, (though some are awakening and becoming whistle blowers) But and with the old belief patterns still imprinted in the core few who have been 'running the show' they can only see the black or white a sort of 'them' OR 'us' attitude! So they are driven to make sure it is 'them' who's at the top! The idea of not being so deep down, feels too desperately threatening to them.

These 'them' who often were the money changers of the past, realised that via the system of money lending (which was at that time based on gold) they could increase their own wealth and thus be able to exert power over others. In fact it was the gold merchants who were the money changers. 

If you haven't watched the historical documentary DVD The Money Masters by Bill Still it is a must watch for anyone who wishes to understand the  history of banking and money, and how the International bankers have taken over the world. (I am relieved to say that this is right in the process of coming out into the open and more and more of the general public are clearly seeing the blatant criminality that underpins the banking and financial world. Our trust is being shattered and so well it might. We must wake up to our own complacency in financial and governmental matters. It is fast collapsing like the proverbial pack of card at this very time of my writing.)

The Money Masters


Banking Developed Out of the Moneychangers

People would store their gold with them for safe keeping and in exchange the gold merchant would give them a note - like and IOU note. What the gold merchants began to notice was that people didn't usually want to take all their deposits of gold out of the safe keeping of the merchants. Apparently it was this realization by the gold merchants that opened the door to the beginnings of, what was later to become fractional banking! In other words the gold merchants believed that they were safe to give out more IOU notes than they had actual physical gold stored in their vaults.

I find it interesting that somehow banking has carried with it, an air of great respectability! (Well, that is until now!) As a present day example: in today's financial world of December 2010,  J.P. Morgan is actually known to be selling more silver certificates than they have physical silver stored in their vaults! It is called 'shorting' on silver. That ... is also called FRAUD! It's roots in the banking of the Venetian Empire of the 12th century was run as an oligarchy ruled by a Council of 10 and later a Council of 3 until the 18th century.  Steeped in intrigue, deceit, and murder Saint Germain in endeavoring to change this state of affairs remarked the Europe was too bloody and he would return to help humanity in some 70 years. This he did in the early 1930's when he appeared to Guy Ballard on Mount Shasta, in America. Just as the Venetian bankers rigged the financial collapse in 1340 in Florence and a third of the world population died. So we see that nothing has much changed along the years in the present day world of finance and banking!

The word 'bank' comes from the Italian word 'banco' meaning bench. I was recently told where the word 'bankrupt' derived - if the gold merchants/moneychanger could not meet their financial obligations to the customer, the authorities would  come along and smash and break the bench in half, literally rupturing the bench - 'banc-rupt', rendering it clear to all, not to do business with that gold merchant!

Another point that I became aware of as I was doing my research on banking is that  going back over the centuries the wars in Britain and Europe seemed very often to be linked to the battle between the various warring factions intent on either forbidding 'usury' or instigating 'usury'. The modern name for 'usury' is 'interest'! There are some very interesting thoughts written about usury, including many Biblical references the high majority it appears providing very clear directives on the results and evils of usury!

The International bankers - their aim - World Power and 'One World Order'!

Why? You may ask! Well we have to go back to understanding the powerful effect the environment of the first seven years of a child's life. It is then that the fundamentals of thought and subsequent 'belief' are programmed - hard wired -  into the brain. Early emotional deprivation is the root cause of the insatiable desire and the result of material amassment of unlimited wealth which is used to gain and maintain an iron grip of power over others.

Not just power over a family, but power over a nation, in fact all  nations - hence the plans for One World Order! The emotion cause, goes hand in hand with the effect, they come out of the same stable, for they are the root cause, if you will. We are not just speaking of one individual such as Amshal Rothschild (1744-1812) who is quoted as saying  "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws" but a core group of like minded, like emotionally deprived human beings and remembering the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" is very important when we are looking at the collective power that a small group of individuals sharing a similar early  childhood emotional experience, holding the same or similar mind set and consequent intentions, or

Aristotle's "The whole is more than the sum of its parts", is vital to understand that it also applies those of us coming from an attitude is Love, peace, harmony, integrity and harmlessness - through conscious intent similarly  makes a significant imprint on the Unified Field of Consciousness, aiding in the change towards bringing about universal love, truth and peace etc.

Over the years these ones 'intentions' has been set in place, unperceived by the majority of individuals. However, observed by a relative few who could see with horror the treachery that was being wrought by those few who, mainly behind the scenes were really the ones holding the reins of power.  Stealthily, step by step, treaties were signed, statutes passed (presumed 'laws' by the main populace and thus adhered to but rarely questioned) till finally the noose tightens around the necks of 'we the people' to complete our total slavery and their setting in place their One World Order.

Although this plan was set in place around13 thousand millennia ago, the main escalation could be said to be stemming from the mid 1600s. This is when William Patterson, apparently with Jesuit/ Vatican connections, invited 24 individuals who were wealthy  landowner to form a group and set up a bank.

This they did, and in 1694 calling it the Bank of England. In actuality it was in all intents and purposes a branch of the Bank of Rome or the Vatican Bank! The last branch to be set up in a number that were established earlier around  Europe. The 25 individuals holding the original stocks in the  Bank of England had no allegiance to the people of England, it was a company, like all companies, set up to make a profit.

Queen Mary was on the throne of England and her husband, William of Orange wanted to continue the war with France and Spain but the sovereign purse was empty! William asked the company of wealthy landowners to loan him money to continue his wars. They agreed, providing he passed over to them the 'right to print the money'! That is how the printing of the money passed from the realm, who had previously always had the sole right of money creation, to the 25 independent wealthy land owners who had set up a bank, calling it the Bank of England, to make a profit.

According to various researched material  Amschal Mayer Rothschild asked Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830) to set up the group of  thirteen men from the wealthiest families to be called the Illuminati (the name can be traced back to Egyptian times)  was established in Bavaria on May 1st in 1776. However, we are now seeing many banks collapsing even after billions of fiat 'funny money' being laughably pumped into them.

Few people realise that the Rothschild�s, owners of the Bank of England were directly involved in of setting up the highly secret meeting 1910 on Jekyll Island where a group of International bankers met in order to establish a �banking cartel� of all the major banks in England, Europe and America. The result of this highly secret meeting was the birth of the Federal Reserve which was set up in United States of America in 1913. Its name causes an assumption that it is the bank of the Government! Not at all! It is a privately owned corporation! Writer, Edward Griffith explains this deception and this infamous gathering in his book well researched book The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Two of the most notably outspoken financial reporters are Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert on the video program (now also with a radio show) �On The Edge�. It will give you a pretty good picture of the financial terrorism that is going on often showing up how the banksters are hand in glove with the corporation posing as governments. Neither of them pull their punches but simply �say it as it is�! Journalist and film maker  John Pilger is also one who has been speaking up for truth for a long while and his book 'Hidden Agendas' published in 1998 is a powerful book. Greg Palast, too with his book 'The Best Democracy Money Can Buy' which the title says it all! Countries, politicions, people are simply bought and sold! There are others who I do not mention, some of whom have been 'suicided' or met with an 'accident' to shut them up. I honour all those who courageously speak the truth.

This association between The Federal Reserve and the Rothschild owned Bank of England is still as much in place as ever it was!

The Bank of England is based in the City of London,  the Federal Reserve based in the State of Washington D.C. and the Vatican Bank is based in The Vatican.  Understanding that the City of London, Washington D.C. and The Vatican are all separate countries from the land mass they dwell in! As previously mentioned there is nothing �federal� about The Federal Reserve! Just as The Bank of England has no allegiance to England and its people and like wise with the Vatican Bank. They are all private corporations and there to do what all corporations are set up to do - which is to make as much money as they can by hook or by crook!

The sooner people really grasp this fact, the sooner they will stop committing their life's savings - of their physical labour - to the banks and other like  financial institutions! Remember Enron? Bernie Madoff? the Vatican banker hanging under Blackfriers Bridge, in London? Just to name three of the countless banking criminal scams!

The revelations that are tumbling out into the public awareness either via the Internet or more recently via a few of the main stream media, are all the signs that the Roman Empire finally collapsing in on itself. Not that 'things' are getting worse, rather, only now are we beginning to see some of the truth that has been going on for many a year behind closed doors. Doors that have been double locked and bolted. However there is always an Achilles Heal when ever there is deceit and foul play and the power of the Internet is one of them. Through it 'ordinary' folk have communicated their thoughts and there has been a growing movement that is unstoppable. The recent revelations provided by Julian A and his Wikileaks group have  vastly speeded up the process.

It is clear that more and more people on our planet have become tired of war and fighting, and have been saying loud and clear 'enough is enough'! They are speaking up, they are writing about blogs, they are demonstrating, and they are challenging many of the the politicians, who they see as not only misrepresenting them, but often happily accepting more cash flow into their pockets. Do they see the millions of children and families below the bread line?

Many politicians been bought, or threatened, by the banksters and those who are in their pay. Those in the judiciary, who have taken positions where they can bring these highly positioned criminals to their knees, need too look within themselves and ask what are they doing to bring these ones, who have hijacked the entire world, to justice! Why are they knowingly allowing such outrageous, blatant criminality to destroy peoples lives, the environment and to continue to enslave the people of this world as fast as they can.

However, as this awakening continues (and it is, at an increasing rate). The low vibrations of greed, avarice, intentional destruction and genocide will give way to the high vibration of an increasing desire for love, truth and harmony.

Out of The Ashes the Phoenix Will Rise ...

In fact the phoenix is already rising,  rising and bringing a great wave of  unconditional love, honesty, and integrity, into the hearts and minds of the people, thoughts which are resulting in a growing cascade of revelatory truth spreading and awakening people everywhere. As this avalanche of consciousness gathers greater and greater momentum we will awaken to our spiritual-human magnificent potential and those whose intention it has been to enslave others will be swept away.

Financial Freedom

In a pocket sized book called 'The Little Abundance Book', (a real gem and published in a handy pocket size), author, John Randolph Price speaks of the ancient wisdom school teachings know as Gnosticism.

He opens with "The concept of all-sufficiency was a building block of essentially all philosophical and religious systems (in their original form) until the second century A.D. when the war against self-knowledge and self-reliance began".

He continues "The Ancients taught that to understand one's self was to understand God, and through the process of meditation, one could release the divine energy from with-in and transmute discord into harmony, ignorance into wisdom, fear into love and lack into abundance." he explains how  "the initiate was trained to conceive the highest and noblest  ideas as the vision for manifestation - and then to identify the symbols of the vision with Master Spirit within - The Source of All."

"Students of the Mysteries were also instructed in the use of the innate radiatory  and the magnetic powers in exercising dominion. By working with the rhythmic Energy of Self whatever form was needed for exchange  (the legal tender of that time) was brought forth as an instrument of good will. As such "money" was simply a token of appreciation of one's service, a symbol of love and integrity".

"Regardless the level of instruction the teaching remained constant throughout the initiation process: Mind and emotions embodying love, gentleness and peace eliminated limitation - that such a consciousness of  harmlessness freed an individual from the bonds and restrictions of the race thought".

These Mystery Schools provided a service that has been invaluable in keeping this mystic knowledge alive. These schools were known to be in Asia, Egypt, Persia and Greece and were frequented by spiritually conscious individuals who were dedicated to awakening their own spiritual powers and also initiating those who wished to tread in their foot steps.

We are now in a new age of reformation and enlightenment. We can observe these same spiritual 'truths' being taught in an increasing number of books published. However, at the vanguard of this new revolution of spiritual consciousness of self realization were the many great Ascended Great Spiritual Masters of Light, also known as The White Brotherhood, Melchizadek,  Sanat-Kumara, Count de Saint Germain, also known as the man who never dies and for the Violet Flame of Transmutation. He is very much over lighting the USA at this time. Master Sananda (who many know as Jesus), Lady Master Nada, said to be the twin flame of Jesus. Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus (she was not an adulteress she was made out to be in the Bible!).

Great Spiritual Masters, such as El Morya, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Babaji, Lady Master Portia. Ramtha, who ascended around 35,000 years ago and is helping to enlighten people in the present day through A.Z. Knight in the USA.

Spiritually inspired figures were emerging in the nineteenth century such as: American Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910)  Science and Health, which in 1875 ushered in the Christian Scientist Church, and in 1881 the Massachusetts Metaphysics College  in Boston was established, Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891)  one of the founders of Theosophy and a direct agent of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood, English Annie Besant (1847-1933) a great social reformer and supporter of Theosophy, British Baird Spalding (1872-1953) The Life and Teachings of the Masters of The Far East published as the five volumes with a sixth published by DeVoss his friend and publisher, American Godfrey Ray King (Guy Ballard) (1878-1939) who channeled the many volumes of the "I AM" Green books after meeting Saint Germain while walking on Mount Shasta in the America , English Alice Baily (1880-1949).

 Russian Baron Eugene Fersen (1873 -1956)  The Science of Being. Austrian Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), philosopher, educationalist and social thinker, was a student of Eugene Fersen and went on to develop Steiner/ Waldolf education, Camphill schools. In 1912 he founded  the Anthropsophical Society, in 1893 published his Philosophy of Freedom. The influence of his work is growing in the 21st century and has spread throughout many areas of society such as education, agriculture, arts, architecture and banking to name but a few.

American Wallace Wattle (1860-1911)  The Science of Getting Rich written in1903, and within the text  he so often refers to 'that certain feeling'. Charles Haanel (1866-1949) The Master Key, and later in 1995, Leslie Fieger who published his trilogy The Delfin Knowledge System based on his own personal 18 yeas of study of Haanel's work. American Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) The Science of Mind.  Napoleon Hill (1883 - 1970), Think and Grow Rich and many, many other fine works.

Moving into a cross over with personal development and empowerment, now very much valued by those in business. More recently films such as The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know among others. Books, courses and films are all powerful and  impact  us,  and serve to impart these same universal sacred ancient wisdoms, of not only how we can each live in happiness, health and prosperity, but also how we can re create a world of balance and beauty as we master our own minds and emotions and raise our mind, body and spirit in vibration to bring ourselves fully into a state of love, harmony, joy, gratitude and peacefulness. There is so much more beyond that, once we have achieved such a state of being, known by some as Christ consciousness meaning conscious of our own 'Light' - 'Christ' meaning Light - and Divine powers.

How was it that humanity fell so far from these great teachings?

 John Randolph Price gives us a key and from his book I quote:

"In 180 AD Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, attacked independent thinking and all teachings related to the Oneness of God and man. Believing that a spiritual consciousness and a personal union with God would undermine the authority of the priests. He directed his wrath against Gnosticism.

First he issued his Five Books Against Heresies, followed by a list of acceptable writings - choosing only those words which supported his demand for a fixed dogma" as John Randolph Price points out "The shift in mind direction from with-in ti with-out had begun, and the innate power of the individual was gradually given to an outer structure and a lower authority"

Hence what was set in motion almost 2000 years ago, by the conscious act of Irenaeus, to suppress and stop independent thought and replace it with set religious dogma which he did along with the help of others through the ages, has now come full circle to an awakening of humanity into full consciousness of our relationship to and our union with God.

This calculated act was to protect the hierarchy of the priests that was being undermined by the teachings of Jeshua or Jesus as he is now known. By around 300AD the people in Europe were living through, what has been called the Barron Ages which then became the Dark Ages. It was a desolate time where, due to the suppression of the real teachings of the wisdom schools of which Jeshua was one of the enlightened ones who had
been initiated into the Essene teachings.

The result of
the Barron Ages and Dark Ages has been a replacement and a continuation of wrong beliefs and misinformation being passed on down the ages by word of mouth, writings, and educational systems that have so deeply ingrained into us they have become part of our psyche resulting in a assumption that God was outside of us and that he  was a male and  a mix of wrath and mercy that is if we good!

and since the beginning of the twentieth century the so called �laws� (actually Statutes which are NOT actually Laws!) set in place by Corporations acting under the guise of Government.

The Bank of England

Sir Josiah Stamp, former Director of the Bank of England had the following to say abiout banking in the 1920s

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough money to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they OUGHT to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money." - 

"......but leave them the power to create money, [printing it] and with the flick of a pen [signing new money into existence - which is what is done when a presumed 'loan', mortgage  or credit card is applied for - WE are also the ones who sign new money into existence which is therefore lawfully ours, because it is our signature, but the bankers tell us it is a loan from them and we believe them, and then they tell us that we must pay 'interest' and we believe them and agree to pay it!] they will create enough money to buy it back again."

So to sum it up: The bankers create money simply by ordering it to be printed. However, we pay them back for that 'printed paper' or Manopoly funny money with our lifes labour and often a lot of anxiety and fear of, and actually  loosing our home if we can't meet the payment!

Time to question our beliefs and get better clued up!


But surly wouldn't someone SAY something about all this chicanery? Wouldn't  journalists be onto and it be all over the front pages of our newspapers and TV screens?

You would think so wouldn't BUT people in high places weild power and ...

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the NY Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government. The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller, at the 1991 Bilderbergers meeting, Baden-Baden, Germany.

Yep! " Washington Post, the NY Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications [and not just in the US]...respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. That was said in 1991, now it is 2010. So, for the last 60 odd years the major media outlets  have been 'bought' by the bankers! The freedom of the press means simply their freedom to misinform 'us  - the public', while they collect from the bankers for playing their game. Some one said that famous line 'There's no such thing as a free lunch'!

Most don't know what has been stealthily put into place over many hundreds of years! But G. Edward Griffin's book Creature from Jekyll Island has really opened eyes, minds and mouths! In fact, as Saint Germain has often expressed, it goes thirteen millenia!

" ...Could it really be possible? That practically the whole planet and everything on it (including ourselves) is owned lock, stock and barrel by a tiny group of people while the rest of us struggle our whole lives just to carry on filling their pockets?"

This review is from: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (Paperback)

" Origins of Fed Explain Financial Collapse By Joan Veon

"....The bottom line is that unless you know the chicanery of how the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, unless you understand the central banking system that runs almost all the countries of the world and their history of manipulation, deceit, deception, and distortion, you will not be able to hear, see and understand what is happening under your nose."

The Tide Is Changing.

However, there is a cycle to all things and 'these ones who have wished to enslave humanity' are nearing their own 'end times', thought I hasten to add not before they have had the world in their iron grip of destruction that has brought it and the people close to oblivion.

Since the late 1980s there has been a growth of consciousness that has been expanding exponnentially and from this the tide has changed. Below are just a couple of examples.

What Can We Do?

To quote Aristotle"Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to become angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way- that is not within everyone's power and that is not easy".

As I see it, when we see that something is wrong, we need to research it, then assess the research. Then we are in a better position to choose  to focus on the resolution or solution and take our actions accordingly. From real inner care so we will 'dare'!
To quote Aristotle again:  - "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habbit"

Change Is Happening!

And this:
Some Cleansing of the Polluted Gulf of Mexico

Usury and Slavery in Present Day

While the practice of direct slavery is widely banned across the world, in some places debt-slavery is still practiced. A debtor who is found unable to repay a loan can be placed in a state of debt-slavery, a situation where-by their life and labors are directed by the lender until the debt is considered repaid. Usury is often a major part of extending this slavery, not uncommonly assisting in extending the debt-slavery onto the children of the debtor, thus making slaves of multiple generations and promoting child labor. Another form of or name for this practice is debt bondage.

Author Michael Rowbotham uses the term "debt-slavery" when defining aspects of debt-based monetary systems which require interest to complete the economy.

Some Thoughts About Money!

Changing our beliefs and thinking about money is essential.

What is 'Interest'? Well it is otherwise known as 'Usury'!

Here is a brilliant article that will really start you thinking!

Actually  I also came to that conclusion many years ago along with  many other folk over many hundreds of years, infact many wars have been fought over this issue.

The informative article below is by Rocky Montana  and provides sound facts!

He closes with a comment about the American People needing to Wake up. I think that applies to all people around the world especially the Western world!

A Usury-Free Monetary System is the Solution to America's Economic Woes
(updated November 6 2010) by Rocky Montana

History is a time-honored teacher. It has shown us that both "charging interest for a loan of money", and "loaning money that does not exist" are unsound financial principles, having led to the ruination of empires and the corruption of me

n, and have led America to the edge of financial apocalypse. "Greed" and "the love of money" have been selfish and destructive traits of men throughout history.  These traits have been amplified, however, by the allowance of the principles of "Usury" and "Fractional Reserve Banking" through the Federal Reserve.  Taking these toys away from the greedy children (the Federal Reserve and its member banks) is the only way this nation and economy will permanently recover and survive its financial woes.

"Usury" is the act of lending money at a rate of interest or an exorbitant rate of interest. It was first used by the "money changers" in ancient Babylon and was a major factor leading to the demise of that civilization just as it is in America in our time.  Usury is a debt-money system, a "zero-sum game", a "win-lose game".  The usury system is a rigged game where the rich, who set up the rules, get richer and the poor, those who are forces to play by their rules, get poorer.  It is a system where those who have been empowered to loan money (the Federal Reserve, member central banks and other International banks) win, and the people and nations who borrow their money lose.

"Fractional Reserve Banking" is the act of lending out several times the amount of money a bank has on deposit, that is, money that doesn't exist.  It was also used by the "money changers" in ancient Babylon and was also a major factor leading to the demise of that civilization.

These two tools are used by the "money changers" of our time, the International Banking Cartel (the Federal Reserve (FR), their member central banks, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and its member banks around the world)--let's just call is what it is, "the Beast"-- in order to create an unfair advantage over the American people and the people of all nations of the world, thereby accumulating great wealth for this small group of men at everyone else's expense.  The Federal Reserve has burdened the U.S. government and the American people with the greatest amount of debt in all of recorded history for too long!  It is insanity to allow this to continue!

A "usury-free" monetary system was used in the original colonies and was the major cause for their economic success.  Conversely, the outlawing of this system by the King of England was a major cause of their economic collapse and was a major factor leading to the American Revolution.  A "usury-free" monetary system was also used by both president Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy administrations for brief periods, cut short by their assassinations.  After each of these assassinations, the "usury-free" monetary system, initiated, was quickly replaced with the "Babylon usury system" of the present-day "money-changers", the Bankers.  There are no coincidences in politics.  But for those brief periods of the "usury-free Lincoln Greenbacks" and "usury-free Kennedy dollars" the American economy recovered and began to flourish, proof-positive that THIS SYSTEM WORKS AND WORKS WONDERS!  America must rid itself of the "Babylon usury system" (the Beast) if we are ever to reclaim our individual and national sovereignty.

The solution is two-fold:

1. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and abolish the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Note (the current, usury-based, debt-money instrument we call the dollar), and their two tools, "Usury" and "Fractional Reserve Banking".

2. Restore the U.S. constitutional responsibility of Congress to print "usury-free" U.S. money provided in Article 1 -The Legislative Branch, Section 8 - Powers of Congress; whereas it states, "The Congress shall have Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures".

This can be accomplished with one bill.  Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Michele Bachmann are two Congresspersons who thoroughly understand these principles and because of their greater understanding,  I honor and support these two great "statesmen" for their courage and conviction to restore Constitutional principles to America.  Americans are counting on them to champion this cause.  They are the American peoples best hope to draft this bill and should be the rallying point of the passage of this bill.  Patriotic Americans everywhere will support you. 

The enactment of this bill will restore America's economic system and reverse, over a period of a few short years, nearly 100 years of "legalized theft" by the Bankers and financial suffering of the people of this nation,  It will be the beginning of a "win-win" financial system that benefits every American citizen, not just the few insiders who take advantage of others for financial gain.  It will provide a positive example to the rest of the world to emulate and will drive the greedy, present-day money changers out of our nation to more fertile ground. The Treasury will not only stop borrowing money from foreign nations, but it will use the nearly $1 million dollars per day interest payments paid on existing loans to pay down the national debt. Our Free Enterprise System (the engine of America) and the American people will soon pay off all "interest bearing" loans with "interest-free" U.S. dollars and never be saddled again with paying interest payments with money they don't have.  Every American citizen will become debt-free in short order. It will be the largest and most successful, sovereign prosperity program this nation has ever experienced.

Below are warnings from history; quotations warning man against the use of the "Babylon usury system".  We have not heeded these warnings and, therefore, have allowed the Beast (this adversarial tool and the present-day "money changers", the International Banking Cartel (IBC)) to rob us of our prosperity and make debt slaves out of our present and future generations.  Will we, now, finally listen and learn the lesson of the ages?  I certainly hope so.


Aristotle (384-322 BC) formulated the classical view against usury.

Aristotle understood that money is sterile; it doesn't beget more money the way cows beget more cows. He knew that "Money exists not by nature but by law":

"The most hated sort (of wealth getting) and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange but not to increase at interest. And this term interest (tokos), which means the birth of money from money is applied to the breeding of money because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of all modes of getting wealth, this is the most unnatural."                                                                                                                                                     --1258b POLITICS

And he especially disliked usurers:

"...those who ply sordid trades, pimps and all such people, and those who lend small sums at high rates. For all these take more than they ought, and from the wrong sources. What is common to them is evidently a sordid love of gain..."                                                             --1122a, ETHICS

From the Bible:

"Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury."                      --Deuteronomy 23:19

"He that hath not given forth upon usury, neither hath taken any increase, that hath withdrawn his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man and man, Hath walked in my statutes, and hath kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live, saith the Lord GOD."                                                                                                                                                                                                         --Ezekiel 18:8-9

"Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase."                                                                                      --Leviticus 25:37



"Daniel was given a vision of the Babylonian succession of world powers. The vision was an image of a man with a head of gold, representing Babylon itself, arms of silver representing Medo-Persia, body of brass representing Greece, and legs of iron representing Rome. The feet were mixed iron and clay. A stone "cut out without hands" was to come out of heaven and destroy this system by striking it at the feet, "at the time of the end" after it secretly gained control of the world, therefore becoming "MYSTERY, Babylon the Great, the whore that sitieth upon many waters (nations) committing fornication with the Kings of the earth." (Rev. 18-3)

Archaeological searches have uncovered much evidence of Babylon's social and economic systems which were very similar to ours of today. For instance, the Igibi Bank was found with thousands of clay tablet 'notes' and interest (usury) bearing contracts which served as their money.

Babylon loaned much money at interest (usury) to Persia which, of course, Persia could not repay. Therefore, Persia conquered Babylon to eliminate its debt and acquire Babylon's gold.

Persia adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Greece much money at interest (usury). Greece, of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Persia to eliminate its debt and acquire the gold in Persia.

Greece adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Rome much money at interest (usury). Rome, of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Greece to eliminate its debt and acquire the gold in Greece.

After the fall of Imperial Rome, the various nations of Europe were kept in bondage and poverty by the ABs (International Bankers) for many centuries, known as the Dark Ages."                                                                                                                                                                   --Phoenix Journal 53, "Tangled Webs - If There Be "Will" There Be "Way"

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the government to whom it properly belongs."

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."                                                                                                                                                                                   --Thomas Jefferson


Must Americans and Congress remain passive while we await financial Armageddon?  Will American and Congress continue the insanity of forever reacting to the damages caused by the Federal Reserve?  A plan for the future prosperity of America must be in place now, before financial Armageddon, in order to counter the Global Elites plan of crashing the dollar (FRN) and instituting a mandatory One World Currency.  Both Lincoln and Kennedy showed Americans the power of the "Usury-Free" Monetary System.  Will the American people, congress and the president dishonor the memory and ultimate sacrifices of these two great presidents by being forever intimidated by "the Beast"? 

The time has come for Congress and the American people to become proactive and put an end to this foolishness.  The time has come to TAKE AMERICA BACK by repealing the Federal Reserve Act, and replacing it with America's original monetary system, the "Usury-Free" Monetary System.  The American people will stand WITH any congress and president who will take this positive action.  The "Usury-Free" Monetary System will restore America back to financial prosperity and remove the incentive for the owners of the Federal Reserve (the present-day "money-changers") to stay in this country.  Congress: Honor the example set by Lincoln and Kennedy by re-enacting the "Usury-Free" Monetary System.  This is what America needs to survive and flourish and it needs it NOW!   CONGRESS: HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TAKE AMERICA BACK, NOW!   

Rocky Montana

Thoughts about Education!

Who's bringing our children up? 
To be What!
John Taylor Gatto: talks on State controlled Consciousness three tradit

John Taylor Gatto: Schooling is not Education Part 1

each child of 9 hours!

In these 9 hours we expect a child to fashion itself, 
to create a unique consciousness.
Gatto says "It's not enough is it?"
Here is a part of the interview:
"... We have constructed an economy ... with a list that come from The Bureau of Labour Statistics stating a list of the 25 most common jobs that will occur over the next 25 years the number of janitors that will be required over the next 10 years is 30% more than all the information and computer jobs that will be required put together,.janitor will be the most common job,   then comes sales clerk, then secretary, then office clerk, then cashier, waiter or waitress, truck driver, metal work operator, cooks and chefs, blue collar supervisors, store managers, kitchen helpers. It's a long list of jobs very few of which really lead to a life that anyone at the age of 10 would want and I don't think anyone at the age of 30 or 40 would want them. 22.5% of all the jobs in this country [U.S.A.] are a peculiar category called 'guard jobs' so one job out of five is guarding something! "

The three traditional purposes of schooling where ever it appeared around the world
still seem reasonable to most people if you present them with the case.
The first purpose we could call the religious purpose, make good people, but in fact there are system to approach that in the secular world as well.
The second purpose is to make good citizens. People who would shoulder the burden of the community, active leaders who take on the responsibility for other people 
and the third purpose is that your individual God given gifts can be developed and enhanced in this protective environment, ... nothing about creating obedient political subjects which is the fourth purpose 


The Money Masters.

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