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Sports Special: – World Records Broken!

Also see pdf file  Sports World Records  *A report of how the Scenar medical device and Energy Rejuvenation Blanket helped the athletes break world records in the Super-marathons at Odessa in 1996.


Use of the Scenar medical device and the TMB Energy Rejuvenation blanket in competitive sports and other high performance physical activities


The Scenar device together with the TMB Rejuvenation Blanket (developed by the Russians from the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich) have already been of immense value in the field of sport. Their portability, low weight, and simplicity of application in chronic and emergency situations have been shown to be both remedial and cost effective.


Both can be used ‘on-the-spot’, (individually or together), whether this is in transit to an event (to treat both athletes and support crew); in the hotel or sports complex; or on the field during training and actual live events, for both sports injury, and to re-energise athletes during rest periods.


Not only do these two devices increase the speed of recovery of an injured or exhausted athlete but because they are so versatile they can be used to save expensive outlay – on foreign hospitalisation for example.


The first recorded athletic use of the Scenar device was in a regular 100km race in Odessa (Ukraine) in the spring of 1996 where it was used to treat various complaints:

muscle-spasm -- exhaustion of ankles – lumbar and sacral pain. Treatment time averaged 5-15 minutes, and sometimes as short as 2-3 minutes. The athletes involved quickly noticed restoration of work capacity; muscle function; relief of tiredness and increased running tempo.


The TMB energy rejuvenation blanket came into its own when it was heard that a Spanish athlete unexpectedly knocked two and a half hours off the current 100 miles world record, there was an urgent need to revise the running schedules. However the strength and capacity of the sportsmen was already close to their limits. Scenar specialists suggested the use of the rejuvenation blankets during rest time. This suggestion was accepted by the athletes and so general body wrapping was done for one hour during rest time. This resulted in the reduction of the overall rest time by one and a half to two hours.


The athletes experienced complete relaxation, relief of tiredness, emotional stability, and a flow of power as though they had rested for five to six hours. Overall 21 world records were established: five absolute and sixteen in different age groups. It was the first competition to show such impressive results, and the first where both Scenar device and blanket were used together.


The many days of work experience shows that Scenar technology and the Rejuvenation Blanket can be successfully used in the field of sport, both as emergency help and as means to significantly increase potential reserves of the human body.


As the technology of Scenar and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket devices become better known and used in the world of sport, we can look forward to a future hail of world records in the many different disciplines of sport. Also see - the Report* (pdf file) Sports World Records  and read about how the Scenar medical device and Energy Rejuvenation Blanket helped the athletes break world records in the Super-marathons at Odessa in 1996

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