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Scenar Treatments

General Treatment for pain:  treatment time - usually 40 to 50 minutes.
On the first session a detailed history of the client is first taken. This first session may takes between 1hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Muscle pains, Fractures and Sprains: treatment time generally  - 20 to 40 minutes.
Scenar device treatment usually provides very quick pain relief and helps with the increased speed of healing fractures or sprains.

A Harmonising Session: treatment time- 50 minutes.
This is both a stress relief and an energy booster. The immune system is being stimulated and the spirits lifted, and helps prevent a build up of stress.  Ideal for keeping in tip-top health, and when there are many demands to be met in ones life.

Treatments for Children:  treatment time - 20 to 45 minutes.
The number of treatments are generally less than for adults.
Children respond to Scenar treatment very quickly and usually love it. Whether for physical or emotional disturbances and pain, Scenar treatment is a drug-free, safe, simple and a quick way of both, dealing with, and preventing problems developing later. Scenar can also be used very successfully on babies.

Depression and other emotional pain: treatment time 40 to 50 minutes.

A series of treatment usually from 3 to 10, depending on the past history, life style and period experienced.

Cosmetology: (face lift and facial rejuvenation) treatment time - 30 minutes each.
A course of 5 to10 treatments are suggested. Cosmetology is also acting on the whole body/mind.

General Guide Lines

Duration of treatment - Procedures can vary from as little as 2 minutes (eg on the spot application such as home first-aid or location of sports event) to 50 minutes in a clinical situation (occasionally longer)

During the treatment the client is an active participant in the process, there is a natural, dynamic 3-way dialogue between their body/mind, the device and the practitioner.

Number of treatments  generally required -This can vary from 1 to 10 sessions, possibly longer in chronic situations.

Long term chronic health issues - treatment may well last over 20 sessions. There is usually a break of 2 to 3 weeks between the 20 sessions, (that is, if the body is responding by showing changes). The amount of ‘energy’ is always being assessed, as this is what is helping the organism make the necessary changes and assisting it to return to homeostasis  (balance).

In such cases we suggest that it is more economic for the person or family members to buy and train in Scenar and to work under our guidance.

Follow up treatments - for chronic cases - as and when issues from earlier treatments arise, it may require 1 or 2, or possibly more treatments. We follow the dictates of the body.

Pain - Acute   recent pain or injury, usually range from 1, 2 or 3 treatments, there is a likelihood of a quick recovery and depending on the injury. More if severe.

Pain - Chronic - usually range from 5 to 10 treatments or more, depending on: age, length of time of pain, life style, general state of health.

Frequency of treatments -

In acute cases - everyday, even as often as every 2 hours (in emergencies treatment can be given continuously, following the changes in the body).

In chronic cases - it is recommended that 4 consecutive (daily or every other day) treatments then are given three times a week, lessoning to twice and then once per week until health is fully restored.

The reason for this concentrated approach is to be able to follow through on the process of change that Scenar has started. It is beneficial to keep the change continuing, thus avoiding the body/mind reverting back into the old chronic pattern or memory (chronic, is considered a situation that has been ongoing over a number of months, or years).

It is just the same as when we learn a new skill. If you have three or four lessons within the first week  you will progress very much faster because the brain cells are being re-impressed with the information with only a time lapse of 12 or 24 hours between being re-reminded of what you want it to remember.

It is the same with Scenar therapy, it is best to work intensively
to start with, followed by every other day, increasing the time between treatments as the body can sustain the state of wellness and health. The guide is the body - observing how long can it remember its new healthy state before returning to the old pattern.

After a series of Scenar sessions a break is taken, this allows the body 
to take over and remember on its own what it should do! It will not forget, in fact a break from it actually aids in establishing the new pattern of health. Scenar work is resumed if necessary, after the short break or when any problem arises later, months or even a year.


What to expect - Pain often reduces quickly. On some occasions, however, the pain may temporarily increase as the body wakes up and begins to deal with the problem by activating a release of neuro peptides.

There may be an immediate relief from symptoms, a feeling of well-being and lightness, mental clarity. This may then sometimes be followed by a short period of one or two of the following less pleasant symptoms showing up, such as: more pain in the same location or other areas of the body; sweating;  rashs; spots; numbness; exhaustion; sleepiness; sleeplessness etc. On the emotional side, feelings such as: irritation; anger; sadness etc. may be felt. These expressions of the body will generally be very short lived and should be seen as a sort of 'spring cleaning!

This is a natural process as the body is activated, through the help of the Scenar communication with the organism, to move the 'stuck' or 'blocked' energies out of the systems and organs through the various ways available.

How this is experienced for each person, is dependent upon a number of factors. Age, length of time the problem has been felt, chronic or acute, past lifestyle, present lifestyle, type of food and drink intake, emotional past and present, early childhood illnesses and emotional experiences and level now and most important of all is predominent mental attitude 'now'.


The active participation of the client 

Treatment with the Scenar device is reminding the body how to heal itself. The practitioner may ask many questions at the beginning and throughout the treatment, to observe any changes that are taking place in the clients body/mind.

It is very important that both client and practitioner see, understand and value of any changes. Change is what is all the time being looked for, whether the the situation seems to (temporaly) worsen or improve. Both indicate an improvement in the state of health of the organism.

The Scenar medical device is having a conversation with the brain. It is changing fixed resonances or patterns, and in chronic situations especially (long-term) the conversation needs to be repeated a number of times, within a short time frame to reinforce the new message, until it is well established. This way the speed of recovery will be increased.

Keeping a note - It is very valuable that the client keeps a note of changes on all levels - mental, emotional, sense of well-being, or physical, such as good or disturbed sleep, appetite, and rashes or pains, or other unusual occurances or past health problems arising. The practitioner is expecting change and one of their main jobs is to teach the client to be - 'ill properly' -meaning, to allow the organism to go through the correct process of healing itself.


Treatments are given in London

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Why not own a Scenar device?

And keep both yourself and your family in tip-top health and well-being. It is a process and it is really better to start before problems show up.

The AutoScenar home use device is a perfect family home use device and is very simple to use. A one or two day comprehensive trainingis available for the home user. The AutoScenar is a valuable first aid tool for cuts, bangs, bruises  and many other problems. It easily fits in your pocket or bag and can always be on hand!

Please note: A new model of the RitmAutoScenar not shown here, is now available .

The electrode of Scenar medical device is placed directly on any
area of the skin. It can be moved over the skin or remain stationary.

The RitmScenar Professional device is a powerful stand-alone therapy tool, or an additional tool for the practitioners of other therapies, be it for natural health practitioners, doctors, nurses, para-medics and other medical personnel or the non professional individual preparing to help themselves or a family member.

In-depth trainings of a total of four days, given as 2 units of 2 day seminars, and is mandatory and is inclusive of the full cost of the RitmProf Scenar.

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