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  • What is Energy Medicine?
  • The European CE Mark - pain, pain management and odema
  • Technical Information and specifications
  • Accessories - some

"..together the new Team - Body and Device, is capable of overcoming a poor physical condition - ‘which stole your smile’.”

CE marked for: pain relief, pain management and oedema

Scenar® therapy is a holistic treatment - it works on the whole person, meaning the spiritual, consciousness, mental, emotional, and physical. The Ritm SCENAR® signal stimulates the body to heal itself. It is a ‘no-drug’ method of treatment.

As the body is holographic - meaning each cell in us carries the ‘picture’ or information of our total beingness - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, treatment can be carried out on any area of the body, and have a healing effect on other areas. Scenar stands for Self Controled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation.

Below, we include excerpts from two examples taken from our clients case studies showing how the Scenar device works holistically, ie on many levels at the same time.



A client with severe cartilage breakdown in both knees found that after a number of sessions of Scenar® treatment he could not only “walk properly for long distances without being in extreme pain.” He added “Scenar® therapy worked for me for lots of things” - this included prostate and impotence.


A young woman in her 30's suffered severe pain after a fall from a height which resulted in an operation, and for five years she had been experiencing severe pain.  During this time she had been given various drugs by the pain specialist but non had been effective in relieving the pain she suffered. Her life was profoundly affected by both the pain and her restriction of movement and activity. Her energy was also very low.

After her first treatment, she said, with some amazement, that she had 'run' up the four flights of stairs!  After 8 sessions she was pain free and was able to live her life with joy and vitality again. Also her blood pressure had come down to 140/83, this was the lowest it had been since her operation 5 years previously. 

The following is an explanation of the working of Scenar® procedure as written by a Russian Scenar® doctor:

Scenar® application naturally and in a most delicate way helps your body to correct and complete its own self-recovery program by releasing the
body’s own ‘internal pharmacy.’ and providing the body with ‘a freedom of
choice’ of the necessary healing ingredients. Well chosen electrical stimuli similar to the body’s natural neuro-impulses,......through in-built Scenar interpretation of actual biological feedback, establishes a ‘dialogue’ of equal partners.

"In the healing process each signal from the device controls the body’s activity, and is itself controlled by the body’s constantly changing needs. Due to this characteristic each next Scenar signal is different from the previous one, preventing the development of any tolerance by the body to the influence of the Scenar. Thus together the new Team - Body and Device, is capable of overcoming a poor physical condition - ‘which stole your smile’.”

“Scenar provides pain relief; it regulates and normalises the body’s functions; accelerates and reduces manifestation of pathological processes; normalises body metabolism; reduces inflammation, swelling and allergic reactions; regulates tonus of blood vessels; influences hormonal and immune status.

“All Scenar therapeutic effects are fast, intense, long-lasting, and have been known to not only address the current condition, but to assist in the general improvement of the body, and restoration of its healthy state and feeling of well-being.”  

"... My ultimate aim is that the Scenar should become readily available to families worldwide – so that people could have in their first aid boxes and treat themselves. It really is the most reliable thing.”  Alexander Karasev, the origional designer of the Scenar device 

The origional RitmAutoScenar Home device and the new RitmScenar Home device model - was designed to be used by individuals -

with or without prior medical training.

A perfect professional or home use device, simple for most people to operate after basic short training .

 The AutoScenar home use device (see picture to the left) and theRitm Professional Scenar (see picture below) are becoming popular worldwide as a ‘Home Doctor’ and ‘Pocket Ambulance’ helping people safely take responsibility for their own and their families health. In Russia - where it has been recognised by the Russian Government as a Specialist Treatment system - as well as in other former USSR countries, it has been in use successfully for well over 30 years (1980's) for treating a wide variety of pathological, physiological, and psychological conditions.

In the UK, and in an increasing number of other European countries following the award of the CE mark, a wide range of people from all walks of life are training to use the Scenar both as a home device for family and friends and in a more formal clinical environment. They are achieving successful and exciting results. Ritm Scenar has few known contra-indications, and does not give negative side-effects it is a valuable addition to the existing methods of reputable conventional or alternative medicine for any health professional.

Below, are more indepth examples from the two case studies sited from above, where it can be seen that many of the systems and organs of the body were being activated to create the necessary healing.


 Continuation of the case study of our client with severe cartilage breakdown in both knees:

“....I had so much trouble with my knees as my cartilage had worn out.      .......I had circa 30 hours [of Scenar]  which were extremely beneficial. The arthritis on my left knee disappeared completely – my doctor Fabiani of Senigellie said that the inflammation has completely disappeared, and I hope this Scenar could start to regenerate the cartilage, which I think could take some time. I am now able to walk properly for a long distance. For me a lot because I could not walk more than  fifty meter without being in extreme pain.


“Scenar has worked for me for lots of things . Prostate – while I was having the application  I did not go more than once to toilet and to my amusement sometimes had a clear night.


“The Scenar working on the prostate  has done something that I never told Sophia. I was suffering from not keeping up an erection and sometimes was very serious. But now all is OK and very good at it!


“I have been away two months now and I will start again wholeheartedly as I think it is the best cure I had so far”  Luigi P.  9 September 1999


In this first example, the clients arthritis "disappeared completely" as did the inflamation, which was confirmed by his doctor. His comment "I am now able to walk properly for long distances" and able to walk without pain, was the aim of the treatment.


However, the Scenar treatment has had other results "Scenar has worked for me for lots of things. Prostate -."  he did not need to go to the toilet more than once a night, but also, although he had not told me previously, he had been suffering from impotence. His happy remark "But now all is OK ......" shows that the Scenar treatments had also resolved that very big concern for him.



Both clients received much more benefit than they had origionally anticipated. All they wanted was to dispel the pain they were suffering! However, we can see how the Scenar device worked in a holistic way.


Additional comments re client case study above of a young woman suffering severe pain:

The main area of pain was her right scapular spreading up to her neck, across her shoulder and down to the underside of her right arm and between her fingers. She had numbness in her right jaw, right palm of her hand and arm and under the arch of her right foot. Her sleep was disturbed and poor. She had been given over the years 8 MRI SCANS and 7 injected nerve steroids.


The client stopped her pain drugs two days prior to the start of Scenar treatment. After a total of 15 treatments over a period of 2 months the client had no pain, the numbness had  changed to coldness and then to a feeling of warmth. She was sleeping full nights and awaking refreshed around 6 am. Her energy was good. All previous restriction to her head and neck had disapeared . She had no pain walking. 


During the series of the 15 treatments, improvements at  different levels were clear to us see - and for her to feel -  she was actually pain free by the 8th session and was  starting to do some of the many things that she had loved to do prior to the accident, such as cooking and going out to an event and meeting others, sewing, even picking up pins and undoing the clasp of her fine gold chain which she had not been able to do for many years!

Emotionally she was calmer and stable and her love of life was returning along with her positive mental attitude and optimism. The drop in her blood pressure to 140/83  was the lowest it had been since her operation 5 years previously. It had been a conatant concern for her.

It can also be seen in this second case study example that the aim to treat to dispel the pain was  successful. She also benefitted from the numbness changing to warmth, her improved sleep,  her greater mobility, and  emotionally stability. Additionally her blood pressure had dropped to the lowest it has been for five years since her operation.


These are  perfect examples where together the new Team - Body and Device, were capable of overcoming a poor physical condition - and "which returned both clients smiles" 



With few known contra-indications, an absence of known complications and of negative side-effects, Scenar becomes a valuable addition to the existing methods of reputable conventional or alternative medicine for any health professional."



"Specialists can use Scenar therapy as a ‘stand-alone’ treatment, or in harmony with other methods of treatment, achieving impressive results after only a short course of training. Scenar therapy may be effectively applied in the treatment of a wide variety of acute, as well as chronic, pathological processes.”


Who uses The RitmScenar medical device? 

The RitmScenar was designed to be used by anyone.

 Alternative and Complimentary professionals from many disciplins who use the RitmScenar Professional include:

  • Naturopaths  
  • Acupunturists     
  • Aromatherapists           
  • Chiropractors               
  • Homoeopaths              
  • Masseurs
  • Su-Jok
  • Psychotherapists
  • Rolfers
  • Reflexologists                                                                                                             

- and those trained in Orthodox (Allopathic) medicine, such as:

  • Surgeons
  • Dentists                    
  • Doctors
  • Paediatricians                  
  • Psychologists              
  • Oncologists                  
  • Sports Injury Medics 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Nurses

The Scenar device has the CE Mark signifying complience with the European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) See below for full information about the CE Mark.

The Scenar device is also spreading around the rest of the world. To name some of the other countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, East Africa, India, Singapore, and of course the US and Canada.

 Now, with this 'fairytale healing' device easily available you can have in your own hands the ability to alleviate your pain and stress. You can truly take charge of your own health, naturally, effectively and simply.

The Scenar is a safe first aid device ready for all the family should they need it, and it can go with you in your pocket, where ever you go - truly "a doctor in your pocket".

You can have a Scenar in your hand within a few days, contact us re purchasing either the Ritm ProfScenar or the Ritm AutoScenar Home device along with the simple training and you too will be one of the growing number of people who have the power of the RitmScenar device at their finger tips and the joy of achieving a improved state of health.

Contact   Sophia: Newsome -  regarding Scenar treatment in London, purchase of RitmScenars and training. She will be delighted to talk with you and answer any questions.
Sophia has been a Ritmedic authorised practitioner and trainer in the UK since 2003

Ritmedic is the official and exclusive manufacturer of Scenar Devices in Europe.

Ritmedic are the the licensed manufacturer and certified training institute of genuine Ritmscenar equipment and treatment methods, who offer a full service concept to help you achieve the same results in your hospital, therapeutic clinic or any other situation where fast recovery is desired. is the internet site of Kosmed International Ltd., a Russian-Dutch joint-venture in The Netherlands, specialized in manufacturing the original medical electronic devices named SCENAR and scenar training.

Some Background Russian History of Scenar

Firstly from a paper entitled
The place of Scenar Therapy  as a technique in modern medicine by Dr. A Revenko, neurologist, Head of the Scenar design team, and Director of the Scenar training school in Russia, published in
SCENAR ’98 – Issue 5 of  an annual review of Scenar expertise, OKB RITM, Taganrog 1998.

Scenar therapy as a technology was born in Taganrog over 20 years ago when in 1986 the first Scenar device, having passed the technical and clinical trials was permitted by the USSR Medical Council for application in clinic, poly-clinic institutions, and in the home.

Conferences: An Annual International Conference has been held since 1997 and over 10 inter regional Scener therapy and expertise symposia in Odessa, Ekaterinburg, St Petersburg, N. Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don.

Training Seminars: Beginning in 1992 over120 teaching seminars on Scenar have been conducted in many different regions of Russia and abroad. By 1998 over 2,000 users had passed through the training seminars. Among the trainees were: managers of medical Institutions (heads of hospitals and poly-clinics, chiefs of department), medical doctors, nurses, surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, paediatricians and scientists.. 

Today, Scenar users trained in Russia in the medical profession include: Medical doctors and medical personnel of more than 30 specialities, including neurology, therapeutics, surgery of different specialisations, traumatology, gynaecology and obstetrics, ear nose and throat diseases, odontology, sports medicine, physiotherapy, resuscitation.


Secondly from the transcript of an interview with Alexander Karasev, inventor of Scenar Therapy, broadcast by the B.B.C. World Service, 9.30 am, 13 November 1999.

Alexander Karasev, the original designer of Scenar developed it in his own home town of Taganrog. Spurred by serious illness in the family (food poisoning from which his sister died) and the realisation "that conventional modern medicine …… did not help. Nor did the acupuncture and reflexology he'd long studied, seem to work." Using the knowledge already in existence, of sending electronic signals to the brain, he, along with others managed to refine the technique: "to make the signal similar to that carried in the body's nerve tissue - after distortion caused by the skin, fat and such like." Karasev, after achieving successful results with his first operating version, demonstrated it to the scientists at the medical space program, at the Cosmonaut Training Centre where he had worked for many years on something similar.

Asked how he could prove that Scenar worked he made the following comments:

“… would probably take me about 10 minutes. I can demonstrate it on anything – even the wrinkles on the skin - rejuvenation. If you compare the treated with the non treated parts of the face, for instance, you can see the difference clearly. Or if you have a bruise somewhere – it will take 10 to 15 minutes to demonstrate initial effect. I have introduced the Scenar to maternity hospitals and it heals all the bruises and traumas in newly born babies within a few minutes.”

Since this broadcast Alexander Karasev had occasion to use Scenar really close to home. In 2002 his wife gave birth prematurely. The weak and underweight baby was placed in an incubator, where it was expected to stay for some appreciable time.

After some considerable resistance from the medical staff Karasev did get the necessary co-operation from a Doctor to allow him access in order to Scenar the baby. He applied the Scenar directly onto the baby’s skin. The baby started to suckle within a day and after the third day was strong enough to be taken home!

Continuing with Karasev’s broadcast, he remarked that even people who had suffered  for 15 years from such difficult-to-cure diseases as psoriasis can forget about their skin traumas and asthma after only about 10 sessions. “I myself have not used any drugs for 15 years, I do not remember what tablets you take for a headache. I always use the Scener. When my children were little, the teachers in the kindergarten were really annoyed with me because my children would still be at school when all the other kids were down with ‘flu. They said ‘cant you keep them at home like everyone else.’ Basically they wanted to go home themselves.”

“The important thing to remember is that the device is not in itself a cure. It merely stimulates your own immune system - uses your body’s own potential.”

“We have been using Scenar for 20 years now and have had numerous miraculous recoveries. If a patient comes in on crutches he just forgets about their existence, leaving them behind in the doctor’s surgery as if he never had them.”

When asked if he had profited from his invention, Karosev replied:

I have not benefited yet. I have tended to shy away from publicity – because it is bad for the creative process …. this is my first interview ever. But other people of course have taken advantage of the device.   One doctor was treating a large number of senior politicians saying the device was from Japan. But it doesn’t bother me."

"My ultimate aim is that the Scenar should become readily available to families worldwide – so that people could have in their first aid boxes and treat themselves. It really is the most reliable thing.”

Scenar is an approved* electrotherapy device for applying zonal action on the skin surface and mucus layers. The ideal starting situation is when the patient body is stabilised naturally by internal adaptation (chronic state), without any ‘interference’ by other external influences or treatments, such as strong medication (either orthodox or complementary).

*See CE Mark text for details

Read an overview of basic Scenar Therapy Results in Russia


What is Energy medicine?

The term energy medicine covers the whole frequency spectrum of electrical and electromagnetic influence that can be generated by - or externally applied to - the living body in order to produce or induce a positive or beneficial reaction to carry out function or restore balance (homeostasis) in that body.

The human body is a marvelous and complex system of integrated ‘communication circuits’ capable of using and converting a wide range of energy resources. These include Touch, Sound, Heat, Light (Colour ) and Fragrance (Scent).

These ‘sensations’ travel via a wide range of physical communication channels, which include nerves, blood, lymph, muscle etc, together with the actual ‘pipeline’ surfaces themselves (perivascular, perilymph, myofascial, etc), in addition to their content.

Although a long-running controversy has raged over the very existence of the more subtle of these energies - or ‘life forces’ - modern instrumentation has at last shown that they do exist, and the ‘real science’, so long a pre-requisite for ‘acceptability’ is being carried out worldwide  - though now much of it has till recently been hidden, or even suppressed, as a threat to commercial interests (Oschman, J.L.. 2000, Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis, Churchill Livingstone 0 443 06261 7)


Scenar Therapy is at the leading edge of a new resurgence of energy-based medical treatment. The RitmScenar medical professional device has become part of the medical training in Germany having been accepted by the German Federation of Doctors. Many counteries in Europe are recognising the beneficial effects of Scenar and it is spreading fast.


Click Here for Understanding the bodies healing process

The European CE Mark - signifying compliance with the European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC)

There are several types of Scenar device being manufactured now, all based on the original Russian development. Some have already been awarded the CE mark - signifying compliance with the European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).  For example the current 97.4 versions - as marketed by Life Energies plc and Intermediate Services (and several agents such as ourselves) - have been through a rigorous safety ‘type’ testing, and sample batch testing protocol by the British Standards Institute (BSI - Notified Body Ref. No. 0086). Several other variants, either from the same designer/manufacturer (OKB RITM, Taganrog, Russia / Intermediate Services, Vlissingen, The Netherlands.)

The responsibility for gaining CE Compliance of all the original 97.4 series of Scenar models, and the Autoscenar “Home” devices, manufactured under license in The Netherlands by Intermediate Services (IS), has been born by Colin Newsome and was funded jointly by Life-Energies in Salisbury, UK (now Global Life-Solutions) and by Intermediate Services.b.v.

The process took over 2 years to complete since a major re-design of the circuitary and components was being undertaken at the same time, in order to manufacture using the advantages of modern surface mounting technology equipment.

The CE approval documentation states that Scenar is a Device for monitoring, treating and alleviating non-specific disease, injury or handicap by supplying low-level electrical energy to the body system in a form that may reduce pain, oedema and inflammation in a manner that allows the natural resources of that body to restore homeostasis more rapidly than if it were left alone........[by] electrical action on the skin surface activating tissues in the” somatic and autonomous” nervous system...[leading to] the possibility of a therapeutic effect in addition to mediating pain by the production of endorphins......

In simple terms Scenar treatment is currently permitted to claim positive efficacy for pain relief, pain management and oedema for use in all countries in the European Union, and is a ‘safe device’ subject to specific contra-indications listed in the operating Manual.

Note: Due to a Mutual Recognition treaty the Scenar CE Mark is now also accepted in Australia and New Zealand.

All rights reserved 2010  sophia-valerie: newsome  mobile +44 (0)7940 363 253 
Canada  & USA 1 347-298-1197     Email:

Technical Information and Specifications

The genuine Ritmedic Scenars meet high quality standards. They are robust and are designed to meet every day usage with a life not less than 4 years. (mine well over 4 years)
These devices are manufactured in The Netherlands and are tested by the BSi (British Standards Institute) in the United Kingdom to ensure continued high quality standards.

The Professional RitmScenar is used for therapeutic use in hospitals, clinics, health centres and by private professional health practitioners and some home users.

The Personal RitmScenar Auto device (or Home AutoScenar device (Origional upgraded model) is ideal for home use, during business trips or holidays when travelling on the road, by plane, train, boat, etc.- as well as for fast (local) injury recovery, to instantly relieve and to reduce any pain. It is also used in many emergency situations while awaiting for medical attendance.   This home device can be used by the non-medically trained individuals however, it is also used by professional practitioners and is especially valuable as an addition to the Professional RitmScenar.


The Professional RitmScenar
2) The Personal RitmScenar Auto device (Latest Model)
3) Home AutoScenar device (Origional upgraded model)

1) The Professional RitmScenar
Power supply 3 ... 5 V
Maximum consumed power: not more than 1.25 W.
Basic mode of opperation:
Contineous bipolar impulses (influence duration for each skin area and session is determined by the therapist);
Individually dosed
(influence duration for each skin area is determined by the device automatically).
Basic modes of influence:

A contineous train of short duration impulses with smoothly regulated constant frequency impulse repetition rate (F) selectable in the range from 15 to 350 Hz. The impulses typically have a longer duration lead-in (current driven) first pulse followed by a major  short duration voltage peak, and terminating with several diminishing short duration half cycles ('ringing'), which can be damped as required (see 2.4.3)
Influence with selectable intensity (packets of 1 to 8 impulses) (I parameter). The gap (time) between the impulses within each packet can be changed with the Z parameter over the range of 10 to 80 units. The Z parameter can be set to automatically change over this same range (Z V);
Damped impulses (DAMPH) with selectable modified wave form changes.
This mode has 5 regimes:

Sk 1 -  number of half-cycles in the output impulses is 1;
Sk 2
number of half-cycles in the output impulses is 2;
Sk 3number of half-cycles in the output impulses is 4;
Sk 4
number of half-cycles in the output impulses is 8;
V -   variable
damping  - 16 values of damping load are changed in sequence from undamped to Sk4 and back over an average cycle time of 9 seconds.
with modulation:
Amplitude modulation (AM) with 6 regimes (see items 7.9):
1 : 1,  2 : 1,  3 : 1, 4 : 1, 5 : 1,  BEE;
Frequency modulation (FM+) with parameters: range 30-120-30 Hz; overage time of 12 seconds;
Continuous combined modulation packets - Swing mode (FM  SWI) with intensity (I) = 3 impulses per packet with impulses per packet with gap (Z) cycling 10-80-10 units;
frequency (FM) 30-120-30Hz;
damping (DMPF V)  Sk OFF  SK4  Sk OFF.
A single packet of from 1 to 8 high amplitude impulses (BEE mode)
Amplitude of the impulse at the standard load:
At 100% energy, not less than 100V
The period between the warnings (two tone signal) that the device is
switched ON and is not used - 6 min - 0.5 min.
Device weight: Not more than
Overall dimensions: Not more than 185x61x32 mm
Average time between failures: Not less than a 1000 hours
Average service life: Not less than 4 years.
CE Marked

Complete Delivery Set.
1  Electronic Neuropeptide Stimulator RytmScenar Professional
3  BAA-size, 1.5V 
1  Wallet
1  Operational manual
1  Instructions manual

All materials meet the requirements for medical use

The purpose for these various wave form differences is to make available to the operator a comprehensive arsenal of differing wave forms that will prevent  the body, in either accute or chronic conditions from adapting to one given signal  before it has had opportunity to generate its own healing neuropeptides (endorphins) to reduce and relieve pain and to enhance the environment of the organism thus allowing the body to continue the healing process.

*This info you can read in our website

2) The Personal RitmScenar Auto device (Latest Model)
Navigation On/Of button
Indicator lights emitting diodes
Indication sounds
Continuous regime mode.
Ammplitude modulation: 3:1
Frequency modulation: 30 - 120Hz cycle 7 seconds
Influencing impulse frequencies: 14, 60, 90, 340 Hz
Intensity: 1
Power supply
Power supply: 9Volt
Battery type: 6F22,
Number of  batteries: 1
Operating facts
Operating temperature: 10 to 35 C
Transportation and storage temperature: 50 -50 C
Weight: 0.2kg
Dimensions: 130x50x25mm
CE Certificate

Complete delivery set:
Leather case
Warrenty: 2 years

All materials meet the requirements for medical use

*This info you can read in our website

3) Home AutoScenar device (Origional upgraded model with 4 frequencies)
Power supply: 9v + or - 1.5v
Maximum consumed current, not more than 60 mA.
Basic modes of influence.
Continuous with constant frequency of 90Hz + or -10%
Continuous with modulations:
Frequency Modulations:
14z, 60Hz, 90Hz, 34Hz
(FM) with the following parameters - Range 30 - 120 - 30 Hz over an average cycle time of 7 seconds,
Amplitude modulation (AM) with parameters:
duration of hiiogh amplitude train of peaks: 3 seconds.
Duration of minimal level signal 1 second.
Dosage indicator by light-diode. The duration of stimulation is determined by the parameters of skin react6ion.
Adjustment of stimulating signal 1-st phase dur5ation: 5us to 500us
Amplitude with the first pulswe of the stimulating signal's 2-nd phase with standard load:
- At the duration of the 1-st phase of the stimulating signal 5 us: no more than 60v peak.
- At the duration of the 1-st phase of the stimulating signal 500 us: no more than 100v peak.
Device automatic turn-off time when not active: 60 seconds.

Weight of device: not more than 0.2 kg.
Overall dimensions: not more than 125 x46 x 32 mm.
Average time between failures: not less than 1000 hoours
Average service life: not less than 4 years.
CE marked.

Complete Delivery set
1 Electronic Neuro Adaptive Stimulator Ritm AutoScenar
Battery: good quality 9 volt alkaline - Philips ALKALINE 6LR61 or LONGLIFE 6F22.
Carrying wallet
The combined passport/operating instructions and Users Manual

All materials meet the requirements for medical use

*This info you can read in our website


Useful kit for the RitmScenar Professional with all of the common accessories. It is being delivered in a Premium and upgraded version.
Useful kit for the Personal RitmScenar with the comb electrode and the small electrode.
These Accessories below assist in treating various body locations:
The Small Electrode - ideal for the face, small areas of the body and children.
The Comb Electrode - to go through hair, either the scalp or body parts where the Scenar device cannot connect due to the quantity of hair, such as as the pubic area, or on a man as beard, back, or chest.
The Point Electrode - small skin structures, acupunture points.
The Curve Point Electrode - for dental use.
The Brush Electrode - ideal for haired body parts, scar tissue and treatment of animals.

There are a number of other accessories that are also available.
To view the full list of accessories see the Tab Full Accessories.

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