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Please write in the Subject Line the  item(s) of interest I will get back to you as soon as I can - usually within 24 to 48 hours. I will be delighted  answer any queries you may have.

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All prices for RitmScenar, RitmScenars Accessories and Energy Rejuvenation Blanket are quoted in Euros due to fluctuation of exchange rates prices can change so please email or phone for up-to-date prices. 

Katannya, previously under the name of Sophia Newsome, she and her husband Colin Newsome bought their first Scenar in 1999 from Philip Barker and attended all his and Gillian Barkers trainings with a number of Russian trainers. Since then have worked with the Scenar and was  a practitioner for Jan de Jong of Ritmedic acting as an authorised practitioner and trainer in the UK since 2003

Ritmedic, licensed manufacturer and certified training institute of genuine Ritmscenar equipment and treatment methods, offers a full service concept to help you achieve the same results in your hospital, therapeutic clinic or any other situation where fast recovery is desired. is the internet site of Kosmed International Ltd., a Russian-Dutch joint-venture in The Netherlands, specialized in manufacturing the original medical electronic devices named SCENAR and scenar training.

Ritmedic is the official and exclusive manufacturer of Scenar Devices in Europe.


RitmProfScenar Professional device

RitmAutoScenar Home device - Latest model

RitmAutoScenar Home device -Origional model upgraded to 4 frequencies

RitmScenar Accessories - as below:

RitmScenar Professional Kit: - containing the ProfScenar and all the main accessories (Link)

Personal RitmScenar Kit: - containing Personal RitmScenar, a comb extension, and an electrode extension.

Comb extension: - for use on the scalp through hair and areas of moderate body hair.

Electrode extension: - for use on the face and smaller parts of the body.

Paravertebral: - (two electrodes) for simultaneous use  on each  side of the spine.

Point electrode: – for use on acupuncture points and small skin points.

Curved Point electrode: – for dental use.

Brush electrode: – for body parts with much hair, scar tissue and for use on animals.

Energy Rejuvenation Blankets -

Energy Rejuvenation Blanket  Sizes --

Extra Large (220cm x 205cm; 

Large (220cm x160cm); 

Medium (160cm x 110cm)


RitmProf Scenar General Training

Level 1- Basic Training   2 days
Level 2 - Advanced Training   2 days
Advanced Techniques Training  1 day

RitmAutoScenar Home device Training

A users manual is provided with RITM AutoScenar Home device.  

Note. Cost for training are not included in the price of the Ritm AutoScenar Home device. However, it is strongly recommended,  that you do attend a training course, as the 'hands on' guidence will help to immensly and ensure that you feel totally confident and comfortable using the RitmAutoScenar Home device and thus you will obviously get the most use from this 'fairy tale healing' device, and the optimal successful results for you and your family.

RitmAutoScenar Home device - 1 day Basic training course covers:

Technically operating the Scenar Home Device;

Practical maintenance;

How to use it on the body;

Different ways the body responds during and after treatment;

What to expect as part of the process of healing

RitmAutoScenar Home device -
 2 day in-depth course

Please contact us for Costs of Training         

Note: Individual Days for Training can be booked to cover specific pre-discussed training of either the Ritm Professional Scenar, the AutoScenar or the use of the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket. is a very useful internet communication tool and provides a free service between skype members. Skype user name: Katannya Alven  email:

Email Katannya Alven
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