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Energy, Wellness and Healing

"Health is the freedom from pain in a physical  body, the state of wellbeing;
freedom from emotional passion, expressing a dynamic state of tranquillity and unflaperbillity;
freedom from egoism in the mantal area, expressing an absolute union with Truth."

D. Vitulkas - ANew model of Health and Disease, 1997

Abundant energy is vital for a happy and healthy life. If the energy flow within our body, is either not enough or is disturbed (blocked), then premature ageing and ill health will eventually be the result.

If we wish to maintain or improve our state of health it is important to understand more about the process and the part energy has to play – how and from were we absorb energy and how this is converted by our bodies – as well as the part the conscious mind and the unconscious mind play.

Energy and breath are directly linked, here is how. 

Every time we breath in, energy is generated with in the body from the area called the solar plexus. (It is the point some inches above the stomach button and is between the rib cage. Anatomically it is known as the diaphragm.)

When our solar plexus is in ‘active operation’ this point, (relating to the sun) is the point from where we radiate life, energy and vitality to every part of our body, and outwardly to the people we meet and our environment.  When the solar plexus is in ‘active mode’ (energetically freely spinning) it is responding iand interactive. This is the point where we absorb from the universe to use for our individual self and give out to the universe and other individuals.


Physically the solar plexus is a ganglionic mass, located behind the stomach, and is where the non physical becomes the physical. It is where conscious and the unconscious mind, with their corresponding system of nerves - cerebra-spinal and the sympathetic system - meet.


The cerebra-spinal is the channel through which we take in through our conscious mind, our physical senses, as well as having control over our physical body. This system of nerves is centred in the brain and is the centre of reason.


The nerve system, know as the sympatheticsystem, is the system for the unconscious mind which supports the vital body functions, and is centred in the solar plexus. It is the centre of the unconscious mind and the emotions.


The connection link between these two systems is a nerve known as the vegus nerve. It travels out of the cerebral (head) region, sends out branches to the heart and lungs on its way to the solar plexus and at the point of the solar plexus changes its state, by loosing its coating, and becomes part of the nerves of the sympathetic system thus forming a connecting link between the two nerve systems.

This is the point where man joins as both non physical and physical. In other words the solar plexus is the point where the spiritual and the physical merge. The unseen ‘energy’ begins to become physical matter.

You may have been hit in the solar plexus at some point in your life and will have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to breath, the very term 'winded' expresses this tempory inability to breathe.

So every breath you breathe is your interaction between your world within and the world without. What that actually means is that your breath affects every aspect of you – spiritual, mental, emotional and of course your physical body. It is also affecting your immediate world around you.


The quality of our breath and breathing is of extreme importance, for it is supplying our brain with oxygen, blood and nutrients. With out a good supply of oxygen our thinking is dulled.

Our capacity to think, the quality of our thinking, and our ability to use and apply our minds is of utmost importance. Why? Because thinking is the very source of our ability to create, which is our very purpoe of life.


How is this so? Everything in the universe can be measured by its vibration. Sound for instance, is vibration, we can certainly feel the vibration from music if the loud speakers are turned up high! Colour is vibration, the green room is well known for its relaxing and calming qualities. However you may not realize that your thoughts and feelings are also vibration. We can certainly pick up good or bad vibes from people and even houses and places, and also know how we are feel when we have just received some happy news or disturbing news. Our whole body will respond according to the nature of the news!


These vibrations we feel within are also continuously spreading out into our surrounding environment and are having a direct and immediate effect on it. As the laws of vibration and attraction are always in opperation, the vibration we give out (consciously or unconsciously) always returns back to us! The saying “what goes round, comes round”, is a scientific provable fact. - that like vibration attracts like vibration and due to its power to attract it will gather more of the same -  the saying "it never rains, but it pours" is based on the law of vibration and the law of growth. Understanding these universal laws, also known as principals, can help us live a harmonious life and save us a lot of hastle!


So, if you were not aware that your thoughts and feelings have a direct effect on what shows up in your life, both in your physical body, as what is termed stress, sickness, and ultimately disease, but also as part of your ‘outer’ experience in your personal life, you will probably begin to grasp the immense value of keeping your stress state and the resultant thoughts and feelings accompanying the stress at bay.


Those circling thought that go round and round inside our heads are very much more damaging than most people realise. However, when we realise the “death knell” these stress created thoughts are having to our living a happy, healthy and indeed prosperous life, we can begin to take action in helping to protect ourselves.


This direct relationship between the harmony and wellbeing we feel and the positive and happy situations that show up in our lives for us that add benefit is very real. Just as there is a direct relationship between emotions of fear, anger, resentment, jealousy or depression etc that we may feel from time to time and give vent to when situations cause various levels of stress. It may be a brief outburst or the emotions may circle around in our thoughts depleting our energy more and more and through the Law of Attraction continue to create more of the same!


So, to recap, every breath you breathe is your interaction between the world within and the world without. And every thought you have, is an interaction with your world within and your world without.


Part of our world within, is our cellular system and the health of the cell is dependent on its rate of vibration. This rate of vibration within our cells is constantly changing depending on our inner and outer experience. When emotions lie hidden deep in our unconscious thought conditioning, such as fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, depression etc the rate of vibration in the cells is directly effected and due to the principal of vibration - like attracts like - detrimental and disastrous results in both our physical body’s and in our life experiences can occur!


However when we feel happy, laugh, and enjoy ourselves, we become relaxed, and the rate of vibration in the cells is instantly changed as is the vibration being emitted out into our surroundings, and again due to the vibration and the principal of attraction - like attracts like – positive and beneficial results in both our physical body’s and in our life experiences will occur!


The more stress the body is holding in the cells the more difficult it is for our body’s to return to balance and wellness. If not consciously addressed this situation becomes an escalating process which ultimately results in actual disease establishing itself, purely because of this build up where the energy within certain areas of the body’s functional system becomes so blocked that it is unable to flow. Vibration is low and thus stagnation is the result. Waste material accumulates and saturates the tissues, this, then causes auto-intoxication. At the outset, the disturbance will be local, but if unchecked, will effect the whole system.


  • Acute pain un-dealt with will most likely become chronic pain over a period of time. This is typical of stress in a local area.  
  • Continuous overwork, without necessary rest time, leads to ‘burn out’ from which the body takes a considerable time to recover.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions result in stress. Put another way, also a fast track to accelerated ageing.


Dis-ease and disease will begin to heal when there is an increased flow and distribution throughout the system, of vital energy. This immediately raises the vibration at a cellular level.

Quality nutrition, good water and clean air, are all important and have an important place in maintaining good health, or improving depleted health.


However, as we know that,

thoughts are vibration, and our cells are directly affected by the vibration of our thoughts,

so we can clearly see that any action we can take to eliminate thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy and other destructive thoughts and feelings tending to tear down and destroy  the nerves and glands which control the excretion and the elimination of poisonous waste matter, is the first and most important step we can take.


By reading this far, you have taken that step to understand the cause and effect of disease as well as the cause and effect of good health, and a happy relaxed disposition.


Both the Ritm Scenar medical device and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket are highly effective devices in increasing the necessary flow of energy and change of vibration to successfully reverse the spiral into ill health and unhappy circumstances. Both health devices are working on the body at a cellular level and therefore bringing about long lasting changes by energising and helping the organism remember how to heal itself and stay well and in balance.


Each has a special place in pain removal, in releasing energy blockages, increasing the flow of energy, balancing the body's organs and systems and subsiquently can play a major part in helping an individual return to vibrant health and maintain their healthThe Scenar results in Russia   are worthy of reading. And The Energy Rejuvenational Blanket testimonals. Each device is unique in the application. The Scenar device you apply to any area of the skin, the blanket hop in and wrap yourself up, either partially or totally. They are both highly effective on their own and used together, they compliment each other. They are both increasing your energy and together will speed the process up to arrive at a high level of well being and a high level of performance in all aspects of your life.

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket and the Ritm Scenar Devices are two of the most recent natural energy tools that scientific research has brought forth.They are both holistic devices, and therefore help to balance not only the physical body but also the mental and emotional aspects of us.

In the EU the Scenar device is CE marked for pain relief, pain management, and oedema, however in Russia where it was origionally designed for the space programme for extremely healthy cosmonauts to use during their missions in space, (they couldn't use drugs due to the recycled liquids system). Scenar has been used in the military hospitals
for approximatly 30 years, and for a wide variety of conditions. From the podium at the launch of the Scenar at Sotchi Universityneurologist Alexander Revenko, head of the research team, said "Here we have something that will treat anything and cure most."!

This, as part of the European Union, we cannot, and do not claim, but we have included on the website for you to read "Basic Results of Scenar therapy in Russia"
which you will find most encouraging.

The Scenar medical device is designed to work on neuropeptide release. It stimulates the C fibers, these are the smallest and most prolific nerve fibers in the body, and this is why it is capable of its fast and holistic effect.

The Ritm Scenar professional device, to give it its full name, is designed for the professional practitioner or doctor, where as the Ritm AutoScenar Home Device is especially designed for home-use, and being automatic it is particularly simple to use.

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is also a Russian design,
(see the Blanket Brochure) based on the research of medical doctor and scientific researcher Wilhelm Reich, whos 'orgone concept' was re worked twenty years after Reich death by Russian scientists who proved his work to be accurate. This energy medical device proves to be a highly effective health improvement and mainenance tool that is easy and simple to use for both clinic and home use for most people.

We have used them on ourselves and worked with them professionally since 1999.     


We feel sure that you will be inspired
by reading how the Scenar device and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket can help give your mind, emotions and physical body the attention and care that, in the rush and demands of modern life, it needs. These two devices will enable you and your family to live a more vibrant, happier, longer and enriching life.

Read the
artical that we put together "Science and Life of Wilhelm Reich" telling the story behind the Rejuvenation Energy Blanket. You will then know more of the background of this man and the science that lies behind the development of the blanket.

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Below is about the vital process of healing.

To your health and well-being,

Sophia and Colin Newsome  -  February 2007



Understanding the Natural Process of Healing

An understanding of certain laws of healing is important. It is helpful to both practitioner and client. The body is a dynamic living organism. Stress will create energetic imbalances and blockages (known as stagnant Chi in Chinese healing).

The Scenar was developed upon an understanding of acupuncture and reflexology, Both are ways of moving energy within the body. Homoeopathy is also an Energy medicine and Constantine Hering’s homeopathic laws of healing apply to Scenar therapy.

Hering’s First Law of Healing

The process of healing begins developing from the deepest areas of the organism, which are the mental and emotional levels and the vital organs. then continues to the skin and the extremities .The healing process progresses if there is observed a relief from the emotional symptoms in the patient even if the physiological symptoms are made worse. For example, in a case of arthritis, it would be recognised as progress if improvement was seen in the client’s mental attitude even though the physical symptoms were still felt. These would improve as the healing process continued.

Hering’s Second Law

In the development of the treatment process symptoms emerge and disappear in reverse chronological order, the most recent first, followed by previous symptoms. Scenar practitioners often observe that their clients start feeling symptoms that they had experienced previously, even those they may have had many years earlier, and subsequently forgotten about. Often a connection with a chronic illness becomes apparent as treatment progresses. This is not a worry for the aware practitioner and the prepared client.

Hering’s Third Law

The process of healing develops from the top (head and spine seen as if on all-fours (supine)) and continues through to the bottom (extremities -to hands and feet). For example the state of a client suffering with arthritis would be considered improved if pain became less in the neck area but pain in the joints and fingers was still there.

To sum up: “In the beginning the INNER state is improved, then the BODILY symptoms, which improve from the INSIDE to the OUTSIDE, from the TOP to the BOTTOM, and from the LATEST to the EARLIEST suffering.” Timoshenko, I.V.        The textbook of Classical Homeopathy, Moscow Homeopathic Centre, 1994

What is of vital importance is that the client understands the mind--body link, and trusts the life-force (spirit) of mental, emotional, and physical aspects of themselves; gives priority to becoming well; works with the therapist consciously and actively as part of the ‘team’; and has patience to allow the process of change to take place.

This process might well include different pain in different areas, skin reactions such as spots or irritation etc. These are all POSITIVE reactions as the body wakes up, communicates, and expresses previously buried levels of toxins and dis-ease, as the organism spirals step-by-step towards better health.


Hahnemann - the founding father of Homeopathy

Further explanation of Hering’s Laws

Hahnemann - the founding father of Homeopathy - proposed a ‘Direction of Cure’ which established the principles of natural healing, and which later became known as Hering’s laws.

Constantine Hering elucidated four maxims by which homeopaths may observe the proper direction of cure, especially in chronic disease.

In many ways all three of these laws represent different aspect of the same principle which is ultimately innate in their creation.

It was Kent who called Hahnemann’s maxims “Hering’s Laws” and brought this information into the 20th century. in his treatise The Direction of Cure.

They are as follows:

 A true cure takes place from within to without and from the more important organs to the lesser important. This is demonstrated when the mental and general symptoms of a patient are the first to ameliorate after the ingestion of the proper homeopathic remedy. This process sometimes takes place almost immediately and is a sign that the physical symptoms will get better even if they seem worse for the moment due to the primary action of the remedy. Once the curative secondary action of the life force is complete the physical symptoms will also be removed. This reflects the development of the human being from the time of concept to maturity.

A true cure takes place from above to below. It has also been noticed that the symptoms will ameliorate from the top of the body toward the lower extremities. The second maxim is closely related to the first as the brain is the most essential organ and resides in the head of the human being. When the symptoms move downward from the brain and head to the vital organs of abdomen, and then the extremities, this is following the direction of cure.

The vital force heals the symptoms in the reverse order of their development. This means that the vital energy heals the body by reversing the chronological order that the symptom followed when they first developed. In this way the most recent symptoms will be the first to leave and the last symptoms to heal will be those that came first.

The three laws of healing elucidated by C. Hering reflects the way in which the three vital levels, the conscious mind, the instinctive vital force, and the physical organism are created and function as a human being. The voluntary nervous system acts as the medium for the free will and understanding of the conscious these vitamind. In the same way, the vehicle of the instinctive vital force is the autonomic nervous system. The physical organism is the meeting place of both of  nervous systems as it houses both the instinctive and conscious aspects of a human being. With the departure of the life preserving vital force the physical organism returns to the essential elements of nature.

The reductionists see the body as a machine while the vitalists realize that the human being is more than the sum of their parts. Homoeopathy is a Gestalt Therapy. 

The Healing Crisis is the result of healing taking place!

Below, I (Sophia) explain the Healing Effect which is vitally important to understand, for healing is a process, a 'growing' in a number of ways.

The Healing Crisis, or Healing Effect

 One of the most important jobs on the part of practitioner, is to help the client recognise the healing  effect, (often referred to as a healing crisis), and understand the reason behind it. This helps the client welcome this  essential process when it arrives, as a natural cycle of their return to full health and is usually necessary for a successful outcome of any treatment.

It is the necessary change that is required to move from one 'state of being' to another.

Understanding and accepting the relevance and importance of this healing process is vital, for both practitioner and client. Whether the re-action is mild or strong, it is nevertheless a natural and very necessary part of the whole healing process, be it physical, mental or emotional. It should be expected, looked for and on arrival, welcomed.

It is part of the body’s completion of the ‘cycle of health’ that, due to some sort of an interruption, at an earlier time of illness, especially if non-natural medication was given, that the system could not complete. The result is that the body’s own innate knowledge of healing itself is blocked. Instead of the pathology leaving the body with the help of its many systems and organs, it is blocked from coming out.

Lets take an example such as ‘flu or a cold. Fever is one of the natural symptoms, which creates sweating through the skin, thus ridding the body of what it doesn’t want i.e. toxins (or that which is poisonous to the bodily systems). If this process is stopped for any reason, the toxins or poisons, unable to leave the body through the first choice method of exit, which are the orifaces or the skin, are forced to find another way out. These toxins have to go to the next level down in the organism, deeper into the body.

The skin is the organ of the lungs, both are part of the respiratory system. If the elimination of the toxins is blocked from being carried out by the fever, which causes sweating, then the lungs are the next level down and will then be forced to try to rid the body of the toxins at that level. Consequently Asthma, or other breathing problems are often experienced as a result.

Now, when an individual starts to use natural ways of ridding the body of toxins (lodged in the organism in a number of different forms) they are beginning to listen to the body and work with it. Whatever way they choose to use, for instance naturopathy (use of herbs), or homeopathy (the use of potentised natural substances), or aromatherapy massage (using natural fragrant oils), all substance can be brought down to a common denominator of vibration, and vibration is energy.

Toxins are also vibration and thus energy.

 Remember, the innate aim of the body is always to find balance (homeostasis) and wellness. To stay alive and well is its ultimate aim. To rid the body of toxins or unwanted matter, the body as an organism must have enough energy.

Having a lot of toxins in the body weighs it down. It is like carrying a couple of bags of shopping. We don’t notice the weight to start with, but the longer we are carrying them the heavier they feel and the more energy is required of us to continue carrying them. After a period of time, if we don’t arrive at our destination or take a good rest, we will become tired and ultimately exhausted. Well, that’s what happens with the body if it can’t get rid of the toxins.

Body cleansing is really no different to keeping the kitchen clean and doing the washing-up regularly! We would certainly notice very quickly when the sink and all the surfaces get filled up, and there is no clean crockery! If it does happen to the young bachelor girl or boy they may well opt for a take away, to avoid confronting the mess! There comes a point in most of our lives when we realize a little time spent on maintaining a certain level of order pays dividends.

The healing crisis arrives when the body is renewed with enough energy to do its own personal inner washing-up or, in relationship to the given scenario, in acknowledging the kitchen is in major need of attention! As we get in there and tackle the job we may feel nauseous at the sight of greasy plates and dried food stuck on dishes! However, after some while of working, the kitchen is cleared of the excess of dirty dishes and they are put away ready for re-use.

We will  probably feel in need of a rest and some sustenance. In this analogy the mess is equivalent to the excess toxins being held in the body. The process of clearing the kitchen up with the feelings of  nauseous and tiredness is akin to the healing crisis. However, when the job is done and we have rested and refreshed ourselves, we feel better and relieved of a burden.

The most challenging time regarding the healing crisis is, when there is, over many years, a build up of symptoms that have been treated with medication. The medication generally acts to suppress rather than to express the toxins. When the person changes to using natural methods that encourage the body to express the accumulated poisons, there can be some sort of healing crisis. Literally, a time when the body is doing that washing up of previously un-dealt with dishes. In the body’s case, thoughts and emotions that actually have manifested as physical matter.

The person can feel all manner of symptoms, (usually ones that have been experienced in fetal, very early or mid-childhood). By the feeling of them and the connecting of them with the 'historical event' at that young age, the emotions/feelings can be transmuted ie. This previously  'stuck' energy is released from the cells  and with the action of flow (through tears,sweating, peeing etc.) can thus be available for our use that can serve us positively. The more intense this experience the quicker the whole organism is healing and returning to harmony and health. This is then a profound 'internal energetic change' and the person's whole future life will mirror this internal healing. This permanent change within the cells is the true nature and meaning of 'Energy Medicine' .

The toxins may have accumulated in all manner of places, often due to the administration of drugs, which as mentioned before, suppress rather than express the problem. They block the fastest route out, and instead drive the disease deeper into the system. The symptoms change and the situation becomes chronic.  Energy is unavailable that would otherwise be free to aid the healing process.

This leads to what is known as a chronic state, meaning when the organism does not have available energy to throw out the poisons that are clogging it, the person does not feel pain all the time, rather a dull reminder that all is not well. When more energy is available the system can respond in any of the many ways of detoxification available to it. This can be felt as a healing crisis or in a less dramatic healing effect. As long as the process is not blocked or inhibited by drugs it will generally be short lived – lasting from a few minutes, hours or a day or two.

It is when a ‘history’ is carefully taken, that the times of physical ill-health, including disturbances at a mental and emotional level are noted. During the Scenar treatment the early ill health periods are often re-experienced as the body remembers them as they are released from the cellular memory. These periods, as previously stated, can usually be traced back through the years to early childhood, infancy, or even to the fetal period in the womb. Each time the healing crisis or effects are experienced, and some cycle of health will have been completed.

Each time this happens the individual will probably notice an increase of energy, or improved sleep, or the improvement of some particular problem, or an improved sense of wellbeing, or less reticence and improved confidence etc. Changes will be on all levels and usually at changing intensities. It is important to remember that as the person releases the toxins they will have more energy available and the coming to wellness process will gradually increase in speed. This is a time when often the person feels they are getting worse because there can be such a lot of change happening within the body.

As a practitioner, our most important task is to teach our client to be ill properly, and to allow the body to go through the healing cycles in the correct order, of which the body knows.

Clients must have a trust in their own ‘life force' (prana, orgone, chi, or spirit), that is the ‘Source of All’ that exists in everything and is universal. This is the force within them that is the ‘doer’ of the healing. All they have to do is let it happen at the speed that is right for that moment. What they need to remember is that all the systems within their organism are continually changing to bring about a new and healthier balance in their lives.

Scenar treatment is a very effective tool in activating the body to restart, or speed up, the healing process where it had previously been over burdened and under energized due to energy excess (blockage) or deficiency. At times the healing crisis can be quite intense. However it usually passes within a day or sometimes two. Often it is just a matter of hours and sometimes just minutes. The old stuck chronic state has given way to the emergence of the acute, i.e. when the pain or discomfort is felt more intensely before the blocked energy is finally released from the organism. As if giving birth to a new state.

In the course of moving from chronic ill-health to a state of wellness, as Vitulkas describes, there are likely to be many such occasions of healing crisis, but they will not all be felt at crisis level, you will be delighted to hear!

Keep in mind the Hering rules of healing. Read them till you are really familiar with them. Your pathway of healing will be much easier as your mental understanding, and your emotional acceptance work for you. Finally, many of us have moments of doubt, but these will pass. They are old doubts and anxieties coming up to be felt and seen for what they are -- now unnecessary and unwanted limits on our lives.

Healing is about a process of gaining greater knowledge about who we are - firstly spirit in a physical body - a 'whole Beingness' - and how our emotions and feelings affect our physical body, as well as our brain and our mental faculties. All are interacting and are 'mirroring' as fractals to the infinatly small to the infinatly large, every moment and are part of the ever changing 'whole Beingness' of us. It is also necessary to understand how we are an integral part of our planet Earth and the entire Universe! When we make the conscious choice and take the steps that lead to improving our own health and wellbeing, you can see that we are affecting every aspect of all life with our intentions and choices, both in the unseen and the seen on both our planet and infact the entire Universe! Some have called it the 'butterfly effect'. Scientist and physist Nassime Haramein speaks about it in his mamoth eight hour lecture. You can google it and watch on line.

When we make a conscious choice to be healthy  and live in vibrant health we are taking full responsibility for ourselves which will naturally take us, step by step to even greater freedom.

In this 21st century we now live in, there are an increasing number of truly wonderful new technologies that are becoming available to us. They are of great value in aiding us in our entirity to come into a state of perfect health, longevity and wellbeing. Indeed Aubery de Grey speaks about our potential of 'living for ever', and lets not forget Count de Saint Germain was known in the eigteenth century at the Court of Verseilles as 'the man who never dies'!

For other healing technologies - such as the Miracle Wand, and the Sacred Solfeggio set of 9 tuning forkes and the single 528Hz tuning fork that heals damaged DNA - available on this site, see the section: Additional
healing technologies

"Physician heal thyself" is a wise and well know quote.

Many people have asked us how has the Scenar device and the  Energy Rejuvenation Blanket have helped us?

So here are some of our personal experiences of regular use of the Scenar Device and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket.

 We have been very commited to bringing our own bodies, emotions and minds into wellness along with helping others, and we have been asked many times the above question. The answers can be given from several points of view:

  •   That of our own personal experience of the changes that we have felt and noticed;
  •   From the comments of others who have known us before and during this ‘Scenar’ period;
  •   The diagnostic information we can interpret both of the body, and from the Scenar itself.

Sophia - born in 1939 - shares her personal experiences to date:

“I have received Scenar treatment occasionally from other practitioners but mostly from Colin and through my own self treatment since 1999. I have experienced profound changes since I started using this wonderful little device. It is easy to use, effective and relatively quick in bringing about positive results.


 “My childhood illnesses were double pneumonia as a baby, respiratory problems such as sinus, bronchitis and many colds. In my 30’s after a particularly unpleasant bout of ‘flu which I was endeavoring to clear naturally, I allowed myself to be persuaded by family members to go to the doctor, and ended up taking antibiotics. Well, it was a big learning curve for me! I felt so ill, I swore I would never allow any such medication enter my body again! As painful as the whole process was, it was the start of an exciting new beginning.

Here are some of the changes during and after using the scenar device on a regular basis since April 1999

“Now six years on I really can say I am happier, more relaxed, and less flappable. Mostly now I have an abundance of energy and physical stamina, as well as noticeably improved powers of concentration, and am able to work long hours when I choose to. I also feel a greater sense of lightness and youthfulness. I have noticed my skin tone has remained fairly firm, reduced wrinkles (still have some!), eye whites clearer, less dark circles around eyes. Nail flecks have disappeared, sight is strong. I have also noticed that my circulation has improved very considerably. Sleep is sound, and waking in the morning I am feeling fresher rather than the heaviness I used to feel.

“Various aches and pains have diminished. Three particular areas of pain were, the area of my coccyx,  the left side of my lumbar region, and sciatica in my left hip and leg. The first to disappear was the pain in my coccyx and the accompanying sensation of weakness as if I had no strength to move forward. This was very acute when I ran. Both the pain and the sensation of weakness have totally gone. (it is difficult to say when exactly but perhaps three plus years ago) The sciatica has long gone. The ache in my left lumbar region over the last year occasionally makes itself felt, and there is still a mild pain across my lumber if I have been bending over for a substantial time. I also still have a small, but at times itchy point on my left scapular which is steadily lessening.

“Dancing is a passion! I can do push-ups, sit-ups, and shoulder stands, and I can touch the ground with my feet over my head! (sounds somewhat ludicrous but mention it just to give you an idea of the level of flexibility and available energy I have).

 “The majority of the time I experience a deep sense of wellbeing. This is sometimes rocked but I return to inner harmony and equilibrium much more quickly than in pre Scenar or Rejuvenation Blanket days!

“There is a marked improvement of both my own self-value, that of other people and the environment. I am more willing and able to learn new skills (the computer and internet being one of them!). Something that I had been reluctant to do in the past! With Scenar I have been able to perceive, work through, and clearing, many of the issues experienced in early childhood that were hidden in my unconscious. I have noticed that I have more available energy, and greater creativity, enthusiasm, and mental clarity as well as imagination and a lot less fearful! I feel much freer and less inhibited. Put another way, happier with myself.

“I know there is still further to go, lots of room for improvement! However the changes that I have experienced since 1999 when I first started on this exciting journey with Scenar have given me solid confidence in the capabilities of this magical tool. A team of ‘Scenar and body’, or ‘Scenar, Client, and Practitioner,’ and that it is indeed a ‘Home Doctor’ par excellance.

“Because I am feeling younger, stronger and happier, I want to share these same possibilities with others.

“I would add also that the diagnostic numbers of Scenar show a marked improvement of homeostasis (balance) and an increase of energy level within my organism system. During the first and second year of working with the Scenar device I had the opportunity to see the changes on my self and some of my clients through the use of kirlian photography. More recently I had a Rista diagnostic reading before and after Scenar which showed considerable change and improvement.

"The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket (TMB) has also played a significant part in my increasing wellness and vitality.    However, since writing our Rejuvenation Brochure (in mid 2005), from the Russian medical papers, both Colin and I became much more aware of what a gem the Blanket is. We now use it regularly as per the instructions. We have both noticed an additional increase of our level of health, wellbeing, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. We have it in an arm chair ready to sit in during the day or evening. A client, years ago likened it to sounding like a crisp packet, since when it is endearingly referred to as the ‘Crisp Packet’!

 “Does this all sound ‘too good to be true’? To put it in balance I too went through my share of the natural and necessary ‘healing crisis’ or ‘healing effect’ of, periods of exhaustion, physical pain, skin itchiness etc, and on the mental and emotional level, anger, sadness, grief etc. I have been fortunate in having the knowledge and understanding that it is a part of the throwing off from the body (mind and emotions) of the old excess energy that has been causing blockages. I have witnessed these effects many times, at all levels but gradually lessening in impact and regularity. As I recognised them as a natural part of the healing cycle, they were much easier to cope with. In fact, I learned to welcome them.

“I know I am healthier. I no longer suffer the sinus or bronchial problems that plagued my childhood and early adulthood. I know how I used to feel and how I feel now! I also know something of the high levels of pollution and negative thought form we are all subject to, so I truly welcome these powerful rejuvenating health aids to help maintain my new level of health.

The Importance of Unadulterated Food and High Nutrition

During these years of consciously taking responsibility for my own health and wellbeing. It was in 2003 our son introduced us to a new concept of nutrition. Juice Plus - 17 fruits and vegetables in capsule form. this fruit and vegitable mix was origionally formulated for the father (who was suffering from cancer) of the man who created it. Through taking this mix he recovered!

Totally natural and providing very high nutritional support, far higher than our, mainly raw organic grain, fruit and vegetable daily intake could offer. Juice Plus has become a natural part of our lives and that of our family. High nutrition is essential to maintain health, it is the fuel for the body. I have noticed a faster reaction when using the Scenar device from those people taking Juice Plus. I have also seen the difference through blood samples! The visual of my blood on the monitor, out of a group of around 10 of us, was noticeably the healthiest. I was the only person there using the Scenar."


Trust in the innate forces of nature within “The other point that is of vital importance to mention in my pathway to greater happiness and health. Firstly, conscious application of the spiritual truths. Working with the ancient wisdom. or Universal Law, has provided me with basic optimism and trust in the innate forces of nature within me, body and mind. This has provided the patience to allow my ‘structural form’ of my body to regain its balance, harmony, vitality and beauty and thus heal itself. This is an ongoing process of the expansion of consciousness and application"

And from Colin:

“My first experience of Scenar® treatment was in April 1999 when Philip Barker demonstrated it to me by treating my right knee, which had been troubling me for some time. It had for some years been giving me pain every time I stood up after sitting for any length of time – for instance after a meal, or working at the computer. It had been weakened after cartilage damage when falling down some stairs after tripping over a gnome (a toy one). I usually had to walk around for about 5 minutes to overcome the stiffness in the knee joint.

“I had about 10 minutes treatment. I felt nothing, even with the power at maximum, but when I stood up I had no pain. Some days later the pain had  gone to my foot. I worked on the foot and over a number treatments all pain left. Now, years later, I get an occasional twinge, but have not needed to reached for my trusty Scenar device – even though I nearly always have an Autoscenar in my pocket.

“As trained Scenar therapists. Sophia and I nearly always have our own device to hand, and try to treat one another for general ‘maintenance’ regularly. This probably accounts for the continued good performance of my knee – treatment in any area of the body is also available to the whole organism.

“Furthermore, on several occasions I have had cause to use my Scenar unit for emergencies involving third parties – particularly when in India. One such occasion was when a cyclist was knocked off his bike. The bike was somewhat twisted and its rider shocked but not physically damaged. I gave him a hand treatment, and he got up, rearranged his transport to its proper shape, shook his head, and my hand, and rode off!

On another occasion an aggressive gang of trouble makers attacked the security guard at the German Bakery in Pune. He was eventually floored when he was hit in the groin with a heavy stick. The attackers ran off, and I persuaded him to undo his belt and move his clutched hands so that I could treat his lower abdomen. His pain was almost immediately relieved, and he stood up with great surprise on his face. Ever afterward I received a grateful salute every time I passed or visited this establishment!

“Other less exciting but nevertheless heartening moments during our India trip, was the positive series of treatments of two children (3 and 6 years) with cerebral palsy, (We left a Scenar with a group of trainees so that the children could continue to be treated.) and a local ‘holy man’ of 102. He was most appreciative.


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