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Banish pain and stress, reclaim your vitality & energy now !

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket ...

Do you want to improve your performance? In athletics, sports, the arts and the art of living?
Want to stay in tip-top vibrant health? Enjoy life to the full?
Do you want to remove pain?
... Stress? ... Poor sleep? ... tiredness?
and any of the many modern day ill? 
Well, now you can!

Do you want to change that feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of each day to feeling good with still plenty of 'go'? Well, now you can!

  •  Have you ever desperately wished for something that would boost your energy? ... Well, it's here!
  •  Longed for a way that would bring you into a state of deep relaxation?  ... Well, it's here!
  •  Searched for something to relieve pain without using medication? Well, it's here!
  •  Dreamed of a way that you could slow the ageing process! Well, it's here!

  • Anxious about the nagging stiffness in your joints, and other pains?
  • Are you tired of feeling stressed out and bad tempered when you inwardly know you want to be loving?
  • Tired of not sleeping well and on waking feel you still need more sleep?

Below find out who designed the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket and how it can help you as it has helped many, many others. 

  • Comments from happy users of the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket.
  • Marathon runners who break 21 world records through using Blanket!
  • Blanket sizes
  • Wilhelm Reich: his discovery of orgone to help humanity 
  • The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket Brochure link.

  • The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is among of the most powerful and simple natural wellness tools that are coming on the the market today that will help you in relieving your pain, lessen your stress improve your sleep, boost your energy,  and generally improve your health and your well-being....... where you will begin to notice countless other benefits!

This is obviously no ordinary blanket!
So what is in it to make it so energizing?  

It is 'orgone' technology, the discovery and work of genius, doctor and scientist Wilhelm Reich.

This blanket is now made in Russia, but is based on the research of medical scientist Wilhelm Reich MD who discovered 'orgone energy' technology  in the 1930s and developed it as a way of bringing the body back into balance and harmony.

This technology is scientifically proven.  It is called the TMB (Thermal Multilayer Blanket) but we have chosen to call it the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket as being more descriptive how it can help people grasp better its value to them in their modern-day life!

It is known as 'Orgone Energy' technology.

Now, you can wave good bye to going down yet again with the latest 'flu bug, or that stomach bug that seems to have most of the office off sick. You can begin to feel greater confidence that you won't be worring about calling up your work again to say your sorry but you can't make it as your kids are off sick and at home! 

Owning and regularly using the blanket is such a simple and practicle way to ensure you stay in the peak of health, or that you can regain and maintain your newly developed health and vitality.  Think of the Blanket as being  your own personal wellness insurance. It can save you unnecessary worry, precious time and a lot of money. In fact it can help you create more wealth because you will gradually begin to feel more lively, more enthusiastic and more creative with your time!

You Simply Wrap Yourself Up In It! ... And hey presto!... You start becoming your own energy machine!

In just minutes you will begin to feel the soothing effects of warmth, relaxation and wellbeing, literally disolving any stress,  exhaustion and pain you feel to begin to gently melt away.


This health enhancing new technology can truly transform your state of health and well-being to a level you have maybe only longed for and dreamed of.

Energy, strength, vitality and youthfulness really can be gained and maintained by regularly using the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket!

How? By bouncing back your own energy! As your energ is bounced back it  re-energise all your bodies organs and systems! Brilliant! Yes, indeed, and it is very very simple to use and very effective!

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is Wilhelm Reich’s ‘orgone’ energising technology enhanced by Russian specialists!

This exciting technology comes straight to you from the Russians who continued development of the science of Wilhelm Reich MD, the pioneering Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and scientist, – with proven results of thousands of users – the Energy Blanket TMB-01 is a revolutionary health aid that works using your own energy! No electrical wires, no batteries!

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is safe, very effective and really simply to use. You just wrap yourself up in it either fully or partially! Generally 20 to 40 minutes is the ideal time in the blanket if you want to improve your general health. See Brochure below for the different times to spend in the blanket that are recomended for specific ill-health situations. 


Very quickly you will feel the soothing effects of warmth, relaxation, and wellbeing, as the stress and exhaustion of a demanding day, melt away. Pain will also begin to lesson  and with regular use often fade completely as your organism releases and redistributes the energy throughout your body.


 This is how one user experienced her first time in the blanket:

“I felt warm, drowsy and relaxed, after being just 5 minutes in the blanket. After about 10 minutes I found I was almost asleep, a few minutes more and I started to feel very hot but more awake. After 30 minutes I felt as if I had woken from a deep sleep feeling very rested. There was a sense that a weight had lifted off my shoulders. It would normally take me several hours to get to feeling so very relaxed after returning from work.” Jan, Stroud, Gloucestershire UK July 2005


'How is the blanket able to have this effect so quickly?' you may well ask.

Well, this specially designed blanket has a fine metalic film between its outer woolen layers, and it is this special metalic micron thick film that is actually reflecting back your own EMF’s that’s your own extra high frequency electromagnetic emissions!


It is your own energy that is acting on you and having the effect of energising and rejuvenating your entire physical, mental and emotional body. This is why we call the blanket the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket. It is also known as the TMB meaning thermal multilayer blanket.

To explain it more clearly, the blanket is comprised of a combination of thin alternating layers of organic and inorganic material, a sandwich of:- wool - micron thin film of metal, followed by wool again 


The four main functions of the Blanket that help you remove stress and regain your energy are:- Reflection, Redistribution, Warming, and Protection


   Reflection back of the body’s own extra-high frequency (EHF) electromagnetic emissions, and prevention of their dissipating outwards.

   Redistribution of the body’s own electrical charges that are reflected back from the Blanket and re-distributed over the body surface. This results in a therapeutic action on the biologically active surface points (acupuncture points) to correct possible faults in the systems and controlling the overall balance within the body.

   Warming effect due to reflection back of the infra-red radiation from the body, in other words the thermal, or heat rays. This warming effect helps with pain reduction (for more in-depth information see pp. 24-30 in our full brochure)

   Protection from potentially harmful electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. Complete or partial protection of a person, from the external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Research shows we are being exposed to 500 times more than the safe levels – most of which occurs within the walls of our offices and homes, with children being particularly at risk. (What Doctors Don’t Tell You, May 2005, www.

It is due to the special design of the blanket and of the above four actions, that the blanket naturally helps you achieve:

  • Improved strength and energy 
  • Relief of stress
  • Pain relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased emotional and mental stability
  • A return to physical health 
  • Prevention of premature ageing

The Energy Blanket requires no batteries or electrical power source and can be ready for you and your family to use in your home at a moments notice. Also, due to it being fairly light weight, it is ideal for taking with you on business trips or on holidays, - even using it on the plane helps lesson any jet lag!

Read more comments from happy satisfied users: 


"...  experienced a great sense of weariness.That night slept like logs...the next day we felt very energized!"

 “…..we each had about 20 minutes wrapped in the blanket in the evening, and both experienced a great sense of weariness. That night slept like logs! However the next day we felt very energized! My partner reported considerable relief from recurrent tension in the shoulders and stress related headaches. I heartily recommend the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket. A great way to wind down, at the end of a long day.” A.S. & J.A. (UK), two professional musicians in their 40s


“I felt profoundly relaxed


 “I felt profoundly relaxed with a sense of being in a very quiet safe zone, I felt I had no worries, it was OK just to ‘be’ breathing and relaxing. I felt immense heat and a feeling of comfort as if in the womb – comforted and nurtured. When I got out of the Blanket I felt refreshed.” A.W.


 And in the field of sport -

There have been outstanding results of athletes where 21 world records were broken!

The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket, played a major role in helping achieve outstanding results during the long distance Super Marathons in Odessa, Ukraine 1996 (see Scenar in sport)


And, ... there are benefit for your pets too!


Kitten helped by the blanket!

One example was when a kitten was put in the blanket in a seemingly lifeless state, after it had been ravaged by a dog. After 15 minutes it crawled out and went to its own sleeping box. The follow morning we were delighted to see that it was leaping around in its usual lively manner!

A dog  with rheumatism helped by the blanket!

Another example was, that blood tests showed an improvement in the state of a dog with rheumatism. When the dog was wrapped in the blanket for around 15 minutes, it got up and moved out to lie down outside of the blanket. We noticed that it seemed very sleepy, however after a short period it seemed considerably livelier and showed unusual eagerness to be let out of the house. Blood tests taken shortly afterwards revealed a marked improvement when compared to a recent previous test.




'Informobioenergetics'! - is a new science of energy-informational exchange


All living beings on the earth live in an ocean of endless streams of matter, energy and information. The rapid growth of informobioenergetics, a science of the energy-informational exchange between a human person and the environment, presents a natural step forward on the accelerating pace of present day progress of knowledge.

Informobioenergetics a new word for a new world

The fundamental and practical work on informobioenergetics – by specialists in Russia, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, India and other countries – demonstrates the growing contribution of bioenergetic applications to improve personal health, safety, and physical performance, as well as leading to greater efficiency in saving the clinical expenditures of working time, energy and materials.

Wilhelm ReichA man before his time

“The first fundamental work on investigating the approaches and elaborating the devices of this type had been carried out by Wilhelm Reich and his colleagues in 1930s – 1950s, first in the universities of Copenhagen and Oslo, and then, after his moving to the USA in a New York research center.“The key part of these devices is an encapsulated chamber intended to create artificial localized ecological conditions into which the human body is put. The specific properties of this chamber provide the desired activation of the body’s self-regulative and self-recovery mechanisms.” [The rigid chamber developed by Reich is now replaced by a flexible encapsulator – a blanket]

“Nowadays most intensive research in this field is carried out in the U.S.A., in Western Europe, and in the Russian Federation.”

 “Designed by Russian specialists, the Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket TMB-01 represents a special category of medical aids, whose action is based upon the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the inherent body mechanisms functioning as an integral self-regulating system.

The blanket is a distinctly new therapeutic tool.

“Unlike their western colleagues, the Russian specialists approached the problem in terms of subjugating the living organism to subtle factors of a biophysical nature, additionally using the organism’s own infrared and extra-high frequency emissions reflected back onto itself.”

In the words of  V.I.Timoshenko. Sc. D, Professor, Head of Department of Electrohydroacoustic and Medical Technologies, Taganrog Radioengneering University, Russia; Member of the Russian Acadamy of Natural Sciences and International Academy of Ecology; Honoured Scientist of Russia; Laureate of the Prize of the USSR.

“The Adaptive Body Activity concept implemented by TMB-01, has allowed broad clinical utilization of informobioenergetic principles, a substantial enhancement of the beneficial effects, and a vast widening of the scope of activational therapy applications.

“These guidelines, offered to both the attention of the physicians and general audience, are aimed at further distributing and bettering the activational approach in therapy in close co-operation with practical and research clinicians. I hope that this fruitful cooperation will open completely new opportunities in medicine within the near future.” V.I.Timoshenko. Sc. D, Professor

So who can use the blanket and when do you use it?  Other than in situations where there is heomeraging, (because the blanket increases the blood flow), basically anyone can benefit from the banket and it can assist whatever your level of health. It helps:-

1.  To maintain the health you have now.   When you are, ‘apparently healthy’. The use of the Rejuvenation Blanket reduces significantly the susceptibility to disease, promotes physical performance, improves the emotional state and health perception. Good maintenance is better than needing to improve poor health at a later stage.

2.  To improve and maintain high performance. Improving resistance in healthy people subjected to substantial physical and emotional strains, or disturbing factors. The use of the Rejuvenation Blanket helps to elevate the general body resistance to disturbing factors, improves the physical performance, promotes healthy condition and good emotional state within the person.

3.  When your health is in need of improvement, including pain. Prevention and treatment of asymptomatic conditions, early stages of disease, and functional disorders. The blanket will help relieve and reduce pain. The Rejuvenation Blanket therapy results in diminishing complaint symptoms and an overall improvement of health and physical performance.

4.  Before and after surgery, offers enhancement of over all body resistance, and also when at risk from the hazards of *radiotherapy and **chemotherapy. The course of TMB blanket treatment, can reduce or cancel the degree of alterations in the organism, promotes a favorable outcome and substantially speeds up the ensuing recovery. See pp. 23 - 24 for Footnotes *, **

5.   Preventive control in premature aging and related problems (pre-senility).You can safely begin to improve your health, using the Rejuvenation Blanket. The course of treatment enhances the recovery process of the body, improves functional plasticity of the higher regulative centres and beneficially acts on the other constituents of overall neurophysiological regulation.

During treatment there is restoration of deteriorated adaptive mechanisms that have suffered from the process of aging. Adaptive body activity (ABA)using the Rejuvenation Blanket therapy substantially improves physical performance, normalises sleep, increases the emotional resistance and appears also to improve memory recall.

The treatment normalises the blood pressure, improves the gait and posture, and co-ordination of movements.

Atherosclerosis (build up of plaque in the arteries) become markedly slowed down, and even reversed, with partial regression of senility symptoms.

6.  When your health has seriously deteriorated. Rejuvenation TMB Blanket treatment of diseases and syndromes. It can be used for many conditions in home or clinic, either as an independent treatment tool or in a combined therapeutic program. It was designed to assist treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases and disorders of the:


General Applications

Cardiovascular System. Respiratory System. Digestive Tract, Musculoskeletal System. Metabolic Disorders & Age Related Atrophy. Brain. & Traumas. Peripheral Nervous System. Aut.nomic Nervous System. Neuroses & Psychiatric Disorders.

Note: that whilst the TMB Blanket is ideal for general personal use it is a highly potent therapeutic aid and in cases of serious ill health should be used only after consulting a physician or Scenar/TMB practitioner, who can suggest the most appropriate method or a combination of methods to be used in the preferred TMB procedure.

7.  As active support of conventional treatments

    Alleviates the course of disorder and improve the prognosis;
     Avoids or substantially reduces the risk of possible complications of the primary

    Enhances the efficiency of conventional methods of treatment;
     Decreases the possible adverse effects of specific medication;
     Reduces the routine administration of drugs.

Some further positive effects of the Rejuvenation Blanket

Reduced inflammation. Normalized blood pressure. Improved posture and gait, Improved memory. Reduced strain on the heart. Reduces likelihood of thrombosis formation (anticoagulation effect). Sedative action. Hormonal balance regulation.

Improves bronchial drainage function. Reduces the period of clinical aggravation. Reduces allergic reactions. Normalizes stomach secretion and evacuation.Promotes healing of ulcers. Promotes healing of gastrointestinal inflammation. Relieves mental strain.

Corrects neurasthenia (e.g. fatigue, irritability, headache, dizziness, anxiety and intolerance to noise). Relieves depressive states. Improves circulation. Better muscular response. Improves nutrient supply to the tissues. Improves the range of joint movements.

Relieves headaches. Diminishes the frequency of stenocardia attacks. Improves resistance to climatic changes. Reduces fever or shiver sensations. Reduces ‘hot flushes’. Relieves pain in muscles and joints. Stabilizes the emotional state.

Most, if not all of the above complaints arise from a build up of stress. They are not necessary and there are many ways of combating them naturally. The regular use of the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is one of them. It is an effective way of preventing  as well as reversing a poor state of health.

And a fact not to be ignored -  it is cost effective and will save you an untold amount of hard cash! A one time financial outlay and it's in your home for good, there ready to keep you in top form and top performance!

Ready, any time for your use, regular or occasional, available for when ever you choose to use it, or any member of you family - It's your own doctor in a blanket!

And it can, if you let it, become one of your  life's best friends.

There are many reasons why you are wise to be reading this information and seriously considering taking greater responsibility for your own health and perhaps also the health of your family. Vitality and good health are not sustained by luck or chance. Sickness and premature ageing is a result of a build up of stress. Learning how to maintain good health takes knowledge, committment and action. 

Wisdom always pays dividends in the long run. As we constantly see all around us, the vibrant energy and wellbeing experienced in childhood and youth vanishes all too fast under the pressure of our modern stressful lifestyle which includes an environment of polluted air, water and foods. 

A lifestyle that subjects our bodies to high levels of emotional stress. This is the most self polluting  of all and is the cause of a high percentage of physical illness. It is at this level that we can choose to move away from feeling stressful about the everyday situations that we experience.  It is up to each one of us in adulthood to find as many ways as we can to combat this silent and insidious destroyer of our lifeforce. How encouraging to see increasing numbers of people seek out good water and wholesome natural live foods, natural ways of dealing with health issues. 

With increasing health risks being shown up through the high intake of pharmacutical products, long waiting lists for hospital beds, along with many other reasons indicating that the more responsible we can be in maintaining our own robust health and wellness, the better life will be for us.

It may seem to the reader that the blanket has remarkable qualities to be able to help with so many health problems. Yes, the blanket is a remarkable medical tool in its ability to help the living organism return to a high level of health. It can do this by creating an environment, within the area between the body and the blanket, of increasing energy. This is then  recharging the individuals body.


The Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is like a friend to us,
helping to keep us high in energy and health. We love it
and have been using it since 1999. I recall so well still to this day, when feeling ghastly at tha end of a Scenar seminar, a good friend Philip Barker of Life Energies seeing my pleight, generously thrust the blanket into Colin's arms  say "Here, get her home and wrap her up in the Blanket" That was indeed a memorable first experience.

Our aim is to help others discover ways to stay healthy
with an abundance of youthful vitality and energy.


We hope you have found this information interesting and beneficial.

To your health and well-being,

Sophia and Colin Newsome

Some happy results of Energy Rejuvination Blanket users


 “I felt warm, drowsy and relaxed, after being just 5 minutes in the blanket. After about 10 minutes I found I was almost asleep, a few minutes more and I started to feel very hot but more awake. After 30 minutes I felt as if I had woken from a deep sleep feeling very rested. There was a sense that a weight had lifted off my shoulders. It would normally take me several hours to get to feeling so very relaxed after returning from work. Jan. July 2005

Felt profoundly relaxed

 “I felt profoundly relaxed with a sense of being in a very quiet safe zone, I felt I had no worries, it was OK just to ‘be’ breathing and relaxing. I felt immense heat and a feeling of comfort as if in the womb – comforted and nurtured. When I got out of the Blanket I felt refreshed.” A.W.


Slept like logs then the next day felt energized !

 “…..we each had about 20 minutes wrapped in the blanket in the evening, and both experienced a great sense of weariness. That night slept like logs! However the next day we felt very energized! My partner reported considerable relief from recurrent tension in the shoulders and stress related headaches. I heartily recommend the Rejuvenation Blanket. A great way to wind down, at the end of a long
day.” A.S. & J.A.(UK).

Super Marathon in Odessa

In the field of sport the Rejuvenation Blanket  truly proved itself with the long distance Super Marathon runners in Odessa (Ukraine 1996) where 21 world records were broken!

The athletes’ perception was of complete relaxation, relief of tiredness and psycho-emotional tension, and a flow of power as though they had rested for 5-6 hours or taken a sauna:

General body wrapping was done for one hour whilst sleeping. This allowed their usual rest time to be reduced by 1.5-2 hours.  Everybody was ready for new records! First V Glaskov and V Vasutin established new world records over 1500km.

A new Ukraineian record was established by Vladimir Vastutin. An outstanding result was shown also by Peter Silkin with a new record for Lithuania, and the sixth highest result in the world! In general, during that competition 21 world records were established – 5 absolute and 16, in different age groups.

And let's also remember our fury friends -  and see how the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket is of great benefit for animals too!

Recovery of kitten after being ravaged by a dog -

While we were living in Puna, India one morning a friend came to us in tears as her tiny kitten had just been raviged by a large dog and lay in her hands in seemingly lifeless state. We suggested putting it in the Blanket and carefully lay the motionless corps among the folds of the voluminous blanket. To be honest we didn't hold out much hope for the pathetic lifeless body! 

However, after about 15 minutes, much to our amazement  itvery slowly  crawled out and went to its own sleeping box by our friends door.

Can you imagine our utter amazement, when, on the follow morning we went out onto large balcony to see the dear little kitten leaping around in its usual lively and delightful way. A truly amazing recovery! (see p 1 for full story).

Blood tests showed improvement of a dog with rheumatism.

The dog was wrapped in the Blanket. After 15 minutes it moved out to lie down in the room. After a short period of sleepiness, it seemed livelier and showed unusual eagerness to be let out of the house. Blood tests taken shortly afterwards revealed a marked improvement when compared to a previous recent test.

Examples of pain relief - Dr A. A. Datchenko, of Taganrog, Russia TMB/practitioner and principal designer of the Rejuvenation Blanket gives 2 of his results of pain reduction:

Pain reduced considerably


A male patient, of 43 when lifting a heavy weight, got an injured capsule and slightly torn rings in the C6 and C7 cervical vertebrae and, as a result, suffered from bad sleep, low mobility, spreading pain in the arm and chest pain when coughing.

Every day he took two Medical Blanket sessions: one in the morning and the other in the evening, each 40 minutes in length.

After a week of treatment, his sleep became normal and he could get up from bed without assistance. After two weeks, pain in the arm and chest pain reduced considerably and after three weeks it disappeared. It was also noted the patient was able to tolerate psychic stress better and had no more symptoms of chronic tonsillitis.

Pain relief and increased range of motions


A male patient of 42  had a left X-rib fracture and experienced severe pain, which he couldn't relieve with customary painkillers.

The patient was prescribed three Medical Blanket sessions every day. The third day showed considerable pain relief and increased range of motions in his chest and spine. After two weeks of treatment he returned to work.

Examples of emotional & physical improvement

Also from Dr A. A. Datchenko's files:

Mood became more stable, irritability and anxiety decreased


A boy of 9 suffered from chorea (jerky, involuntary movements) due to rheumatic brain injury, experienced neurotic behaviour, unstable mood, whining, irritability and anxiety followed by hyperkinetic muscular twitching in the face, limbs and torso.

Traditional drug therapy he had taken for 5 years proved ineffective. The patient received 30 Medical Blanket sessions. His mood became more stable, irritability and anxiety decreased. For three weeks there was no hyperkinetic muscular twitching in his face, limbs and torso. Then the twitching resumed again, but its frequency and intensity were considerably lower.

The patient continued Medical Blanket-therapy at home.

Warm feet and improved sleep


A woman patient of 69 had a circulatory problem in her lower limbs and always felt cold in her feet. Just after the first Medical Blanket session the patient reported very positive healing effect: ‘warm’ feet and improved sleep. She continues the therapy at home.

Sophia's clients comments regarding the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket


Protection from geo-pathic stress…..better sleep ……..more energy


We have used the blanket for about four months. It seems to protect from known geo-pathic stress at the side of the bed – since using the blanket nightly during sleep, my partner doesn’t awake with a back ache. I also notice that she is much, much calmer and more centred when she 

comes out of the blanket in the morning. Each time I’m under the blanket my body starts tingling. I wake up with more energy.

“ What I’ve noticed is that the blanket reflects back your own essence, which, if you are not coherent with yourself it will gently push to the surface an awareness of those parts of yourself which are dissonant with your core essence.

“Using the Rejuvenation Blanket for the past few months has been moving me to finding out truly who I am. I have since sought other appropriate healing techniques that help me.” N.H.2002


Woman in her 60s

When I’m in the Rejuvenation Blanket I started with, 12 minutes felt pressure behind my eyes and uncomfortable feelings. Now, after about 10 sessions, I’m no longer feeling any discomfort and can stay in the blanket comfortably for 22 minutes. Using Scenar and Rejuvenation Blanket. M.T. August 2005



A Rejuvenation Blanket in the Family, and for the Clients (from a cranio-sacral practitioner)

“It mirrors your natural state, or the state you are in – encourages you to look at what’s going on in your life, how you are caring about yourself. It helps you see that you have to be responsible for your own health and well being. My clients notice that my energy has got stronger, and I know I feel stronger. If, after a session of counselling, I feel shaky I go into the blanket and after a while I feel centred again.

As a practitioner

It empowers my work. It radiates my principals. My clients want them too!”

Injury and pain -

 I hurt my shoulder badly, I suffered acute nerve pain, I used the blanket two or three times a day, it kept me calmer. I also sought help through body-work , now my shoulder feels better than it did before I damaged it!


Children -

One of my children loves it, she is inclined to be quite highly strung she’s a lot calmer and more relaxed.

Sports -

My husband uses it after the gym when his muscles are hurting, it eases the pain and he goes into a profound state of relaxation. It’s really good for athletes.

And the family pets

And the cat loves the blanket too! A.W. 2005


Young Man in his 30's - 

He had a very strong desire for a cigarette before he went  first went in to the Blanket. Session time 45 minutes. Within 5 minutes his desire to smoke had faded. while in blanket he meditated for a good 30 minutes. On getting out he felt very quiet in his head. he commented that it was relaxing to feel this way. " I feel calm and peaceful".


Young Woman in he 30’s -


"She had past injuries and occasional very bad cough - first session 45 minute – Feeling energy – sensations of pinpricking in spine like a snake shifting – feeling happy – her comment “It’s better than drinking” – feeling quite hot – eyes closing – coughing bout for few minutes – by the end of the session she had just started to “feel slightly more ill, tiredness – just want to go to sleep”.


Sophia's first experience………

I first used the Blanket in 1999, I was at an evening talk and by the end of it I was feeling awful; weak, cold and shivery and just longing to get home and to bed. I felt as if I was disintegrating molecule by molecule!

We had friends arriving with a take-away dinner and I was in no state to do anything other than climb on my bed and wrap myself in the Blanket. When our friends arrived I had been in the Blanket barely 15 minutes and was not feeling in the least bit like socializing. They came up to say ‘hello’ and commiserated with me, receiving only a weak smile and a faint ‘hello’ from me! I I was in a sort of stupor……

... Exactly how long I lay there I’m unsure, probably about 30 to 40 minutes, but there was a point when I realized that I was feeling distinctly better. Within a further 5 or 10 minutes I was up and joining our friends, and tucking into a delicious meal, and making up for lost time with a welcome glass of red wine!”

“There were occasions that I noticed feeling stiff after I had been in the Blanket for 40 minutes, but this would go within 15 or 20 minutes of getting out of it. Now, I don’t experience any stiffness. This reaction was just part of the healing process.

Another reaction I experienced within the first few sessions was, suddenly needing to open up the blanket and get out! Like the body knowing it has had all it needs at that point. There is value in using the appropriate time but the body will let you know anyway”

“I often use the Blanket before going to bed, especially if it’s a late night or early morning! and I need to be up bright and early the following morning, I awake in the morning feeling refreshed, ready and happy to start a new day.” Sophia: Newsome

21 world records broken! Marathon runners performance  improved by Energy Rejuvenation Blanket !

Blanket Sizes

Extra Large  220 x 205cm, weight 4kg

Large ...........210 x 160cm, weight 3kg

Medium (half size) 160 x 105cm, weight 1.5kg

The Story and Science Behind The Energy Blanket
Wilhelm Reich: his discovery of orgone to help humanity 


N.B Please note that prices  quoted in this brochure
have changed. Please inquire for current prices.

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