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Colin & my mission

MoreEnergy4Life - helping you to re-vitalize and re-youth !

Our Relationship with SCENAR began in April 1999

 In April 1999 we purchased our first Scenar from Philip and Gillian Barker of Life Energies, who were our very first teachers. Later that year we were among the first group of students to be trained in London by Life Energies. Subsequently attending all of the early trainings hosted by Life Energies that included Russian Scenar Practitioners and trainers such as Tatiyana Denisova from  and Michael Tepone. 

Gillian Barker of Life Energies initially trained Zulia Frost  who they later sent out to Russia to train with Tatyana Denisova to help establish the first two training levels, (she was later invited to join Life Energies as a Scenar practitioner), we were among the first group to do this new training.

These many early trainings were the bed-rock upon which we gained valuable Scenar knowledge and which resulted in Colin being asked to undertake the task of obtaining compliance with EU Medical Device requirements.

Subsequent trainings have been with Alexander Revenko, Gallina Subbotina, paediatrician,  Harvey Wasserman, psycho-neuro immunologist, and in The Netherlands, Scenar-Dr. Petr Shamarakov, and Scenar-Dr Marina Kuimtcheva (paediatrician and psychotherapist)

In August 2002 we spent some months promoting Scenar and training in the US, and then on to India in January 2003 for the International Conference for Integration of Medicine in the 21st Century, and more months of promotion, training and treating.

Sophia is both a practitioner and trainer and has developed her own training courses. These include a bias towards the  eastern and a metaphysical  understanding of healing and the Scenar.  We have also assisted Gillian Barker on training courses in the USA. In 2004, the manufacturer of the Scenar Jan de Jong of Intermediate Services in The Netherlands, invited Sophia to be guest trainer in the UK and US.

In September 2003, we attended the Tenth Annual Scenar Conference in Bulgaria, the first to be held outside Russia. Here we were, among others, each honored to be presented with medals by Scenar designers OKB RITM for our work with Scenar. At this five day gathering there were around 160 delegates from many countries including the UK, Europe and the USA. It was a stimulating time of learning, relaxing, and celebrating!

In 2003 we moved from London to Stroud, Gloucestershire to carry forward our work with Scenar therapy, marketing and training on a worldwide basis. “Have Scenar will travel” has been our theme from the beginning of our relationship with this great gift to humanity developed by the Russians and now spreading West as well as East.

Now in the late summer of 2006 we have returned to London. 

Colin, born in 1938, has been involved for the past 45 years in scientific and medical publishing and information technology. After 2 years as an electronics trainee with British Aerospace, he studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge, then joined Robert Maxwell’s Pergamon Press, becoming responsible for several scientific, technical and medical journals, including translated Russian publications, some about electromedical research. Later, as editorial director of Heyden & Son, he launched a number of scientific journals

. Intrigued by the growing use of computers in publishing, the birth of word processing, then desktop PCs, he became a developer and consultant on electronic printing and publishing systems, working for a number of major clients, including The Economist Group, Thompson Group, Walters Klewer, ING Bank etc, developing programs for origination, printing, and publishing of database information.

Since 1999 he has been studying and training in Scenar, and has been responsible for obtaining the European CE Mark approval through the British Standards Institute, and for monitoring and assisting in the batch testing procedures for all OKB RITM Scenar devices manufactured by Intermediate Services in The Netherlands.

Val /Sophia, now Katannya trained and performed as a professional dancer and has been committed over the years to developing herself in many other areas of the Arts. She essentially trained in Classical Ballet originally RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) as well as many other types of dance, anatomical knowledge, musicianship, singing and drama. It was however, many years later that she continued dance with Barbara Vernon Gregory (in exchange for Scenar treatments) and studied Russian Ballet as handed down by the great dancer and teacher Nicoli Legat from Petit Pas, who's classes were known as the 'Class of Perfection'. Katannya continues to develop her passion for music through her classical studies of the old Italian school of  Vocal art of breath and articulation.  

Married in 1961 she and Colin have raised a family - Paull, Georgia and Annabel - and are now blessed with six beautiful grand-daughters (*updated - and additionally a wonderful grand son in 2009!) and two lovely great grand sons from our son's eldest daughter - 2012 and 2016.

As a young mother Katannya came to understand that the body, if given the chance, will heal itself, and only natural remedies were used within the family, if needed. Thus started her long relationship to the healing arts. Her training as a beauty masseuse inspired her to discover more about the ancient Eastern healing techniques.

Over the years she has explored extensively many other areas of healing and wellness and taught massage, taoist philosophy and exercises as self-help techniques, finding a common thread through all forms of natural healing and the arts. With training from Mantak Chia in the rudiments of colour and auric healing, and learning chakra balancing from Charlotte Scott-Russell, among other teachers, personally and through their written work. She has been a committed student of metaphysics since 1996 through “The Delfin Knowledge System (The Master Key), The Saint Germain Green “I AM” Discourses and “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding.

While  based in Stroud and London, Colin and Katannya have devoted some years  learning how to use web building and the Internet and through this exciting medium share the information about the RitmScenar medical devices, the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket, to a wider world wide audience along with the many other new healing technologies that are coming into being at the beginning of this, the 21st century, which will take us into the Age of Enlightenment.

Among other passions they pursued in life, they shared a love of the dramatic arts and performing,  along with a passion for classical music. Together they studied the old Italian tradition of the art of vocal emission as taught by Francesco Lamperti of the Milan Conservatoire of Music and his son G. B Lamperti - the Vocal art of breath and articulation. Katannya continues with her vocal studies.

For two years they shared their love and knowledge of the Universal Laws / Knowledge of Consciousness, through the London Law of Attraction MeetUp Group and on-line  here The Law of Attraction

A time of transformation

MoreEnergy4Life -  ways towards more happiness, health and wealth

We have called this website "MoreEnergy4Life" because our modern lifestyle is causing  many people to suffer from  sleep disturbance, physical burn out and mental 'brain fag', causing states from a general feeling of overall tiredness to utter exhaustion as well as many differing physical illnesses!
If we are going to live our lives at any level of wellness and happiness it is essential that we know how we can energise and strengthen our body's, minds, emotions and spirit from the increasing debilitating stresses of life.
In these newsletters we will be covering many aspects of how you can take care of yourself and your family, and live a life that is more in harmony. A love of life will bring the body and mind into a state of  happiness which will naturally result in health. When we feel this vibrant health we also feel an abundance of energy and this is the attractive force that attracts the things we desire into our lives, be that happiness, health or prosperity, they are all aspect of the same high level of vitality. It is always a matter of be first, then - do - and finally have.
Be happy - do the thing you love - have the things you desire.
And also wish this for others.

If you haven't  filled in the form at the bottom of the Home page with your Name and primary email address, then I urge you to do so. You will then be on our list to receive any information, updates, offers and newsletters we maybe send out.

Wishing you a life of vibrant health, happiness, and prosperity.

Katannya and Colin (from his higher dimension since
20th March  2008)

Update: 25 September 2009

Most sadly for me and all family and friends on March 20th 2008  darling Colin chose to peacefully pass  into the higher dimensions, on the Equinox 20 the March 2008 - 5 days before his 70th birthday - he now resides in the 5th dimension.

It is a huge loss for all his family and friends, here, in the 3D realm. However, he is ever guiding us from the other side and I so often feel his presence and communicate with him very often. Such experiences also always bring wonderful opportunities for our own personal and needless to say spiritual growth. I am filled with even greater gratitude to Colin for providing me with such a time of growth. It is proving to be profoundly awakening and  provided me with an extraordinarily enrichment of my appreciation of the nature of being 'human' or more accurately Divine Human Beings of great wisdom and power to create.

Colin's commitment to the safe passage of the Scenar device in obtaining the CE mark was, as was the case with all the projects Colin worked on was total. When we attended the Scenar Conference held in Bulgaria in 2003 (the first to be held outside Russia) we both received medals from the Russians for our work for the development of Scenar.  I was profoundly honored and especially thrilled that Colin's diligent work had been recognized.

Gradually I have been restructuring my life and step by step continue to move forward with our joint desires and plans.

We started this website together while living in Stroud, Gloucestershire, around 2004 - 2005 I believe, the first we'd ever tackled! It was very much a joint tour de force! I will continue to develop and add to it. Please do explore and enjoy reading the many different pages, and forgive any mistakes!

Colin  shared a passion for classical music and together studied the old Italian school of Voice - the Vocal art of breath and articulation. Sophia continues with her vocal studies.

Katannya (and Colin from his higher realm)

(*updated - and additionally a grand son in 2009! and an additional Great grand son 2012, and a second Great Grand son 2016 )

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