Pain Relief, Energy and Rejuvenation

Banish pain and stress, reclaim your vitality & energy now !

A 'doctor in your pocket' and a 'clinic in a blanket'

Banish pain and stress naturally and quickly 

with 21st century 'energy medicine'!

The 'space-age' RitmScenar medical devices
for the professional health practitioner in the clinic or for the home use



the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket.

These new "state of the art" energy medicine devices
speed recovery from pain and poor health.

They also allow a new freedom to create and maintain a higher level
of vibrant wellness and youthfulness -  

Not only to relieve and banish pain, acute and chronic....
but to relax, energize, and rejuvenate the body
and - wait for it - actually slow the ageing process!

      These new powerful 'energy medicine' devices are 21st century technology
that help the body
heal itself fast.

They release 'blocked energy'  held in areas of the body, allowing the energy to flow freely
and thus return the body to balance and
subsequently good health.

A 'state of
health' is not only relating to the physical body, but also includes
the mind and
emotions, as well as the level of spiritual consciousness.

A 'state of
is when you feel a deep sense of well-being, joy and inner and outer qualities
vibrant youthfulness. These are essential components to maintaining full health.

The RitmScenar and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket,
although individually highly effective in their own right, actually compliment
each other.

 They are both
safe and simple
to use with few contraindications -
making them ideal
for health care and health maintenance for people of all ages

Tip-top health and maintaining it, should be our first and foremost priority,
whatever walk of life we choose. However, the pace and high demands of
present day life,
cause an unseen gathering of 'stress' in the body.

It is this 'stress' (which acts like a jamming up of the bodily organs and systems -
due to too little energy flow, or blocked energy).
This 'jamming up', or damming up of
energy is
essentially at the root of all stress, dis-ease and subsequent disease, in what ever
seeming way
the blocking of the energy flow may have been caused

The main problem we face is: once stress has a grip on us the underneath feelings
of constant rush
an actual belief,
a predominant mental attitude of 'no time'!

Thus our resistance to take time for ourselves and for necessary nurture, in its various ways, becomes a habit!
This habit will lead us down the slippery slope to a 'systems break down', just like not putting
oil in a petrol run car,
it will seize up before too long!

 Vibrant health, in the fullest sense
of the word - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically - is our birthright - it is the very quality of Beingness that will lead us to automatically create a harmonious, happy, fulfilled and prosperous life feeling energized and with a wonderful sense of 'joi de vive'.

With the RitmScenar and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket the tools are now available for us to use
and benefit from,  not only to deal with such situations as acute or chronic pain, pain maintenance
and odema as in the CE claim but
help you quickly raise your levels of energy to
help maintain a natural vitality and vibrant health.

Think about it -These are the exciting tools
to help move us into the new age of new evolving humanity!

Can you afford to be with out them?
Below-par energy and ill health are a very high cost,
mostly an unseen cost in much more than monetary terms!

What ever stage of life we are experiencing right now -
be that as the wise
senior - mother - father - teenager - young child - baby.

Maintaining good health is about valuing the quality of our life,
what ever
walk of life we may be engaged it. Be they -
positions of
very high responsibility - the many kinds of physical
manual activity - business
and administration, with it high level of mental work -

performance achievements in the arts or
athletic etc.-

 Vibrant health is desired and appreciated by all

Indeed, it is our birthright! 

From the very young, to the young at heart
 and bountiful in years.

The 'space-age' RitmScenar medical Profession and Home devices
and the Energy Rejuvenation Blanket,

are simply and naturally

a 'doctor in your pocket' and a 'clinic in a blanket'!

Individually or as a perfect tandem for
the professional health practitioner and the home user
to help create

Optimum Health for all!

P.S. by the way, you can also use them for your ...
dog, cat,
hamster, or even your horse, cow, pig  ....
the Scenar is being successfully used on
horse injuries speeding up the healing process and gaining quite a reputation among
horse race owners!

P.P.S An increasing number of people are training in this new Scenar technology
and becoming either
professional practitioners or capable home users.
Why not consider doing the same?

Yes, the 'Natural Home Doctor' is a living reality!

You can be using your own personal 
'doctor in your pocket' and a 'clinic in a blanket
' within just a few days
and begin to feel the difference to your energy
and health !
Now your aware of them  - what would stop you?
You'll never regreat it!

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